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Sony Introduces Wi-Fi Instant Message/Music Device

Sony has announced it’s new WI-FI instant messaging device, Mylo. Mylo stands for ‘My Life Online’ and is aimed at heavy music and instant messaging users. The unit will be able to surf the web as well as make Skype calls, all over WiFi. The device is touted as a personel communicator and features aContinue Reading

Sony Ericsson Flagship Sprouts 3G, Wi-Fi

Sony Ericsson has updated its flagship P-series smartphone line by announcing a model with 3G, 802.11b. The manufacturer has also beefed up the camera and display, and finally added BlackBerry Connect and VoIP support in the bundle. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson GC99 Wi-Fi/3G Wireless PC Card

Sony Ericsson has announced their new 3G/Wi-Fi wireless PC card which blends both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity into the one card. The GC99 works with both 80211g and 802.11a access points on the Wi-Fi end. On the 3G end it has the capability to connect to regular GSM (quad-band) dial up, and GPRS packet-switched communications.Continue Reading

Sony Expands Wireless Options For Vaio Notebook

Sony unveils a wireless notebook with integrated technology for accessing the Internet over Wi-Fi technology and Cingular Wireless’s nationwide Edge network. Via []Continue Reading