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T-Mobile’s Big Idea – Marrying 3G And Wi-Fi

T-Mobile has laid out its group strategy for 3G communications and immediately proclaimed the technology insufficient by itself – the operator is touting a mix of advanced cellular services and broadband local-area connectivity using Wi-Fi. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Spearheads University WLAN Project

T-Mobile, Cisco, IBM and Intel today used 3GSM in Cannes to announce an initiative to roll out broadband WLAN and mobile networks across European university campuses. The plan will enable students to work and communicate wirelessly and off-campus, using either WLAN, UMTS or GPRS. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Signs Roaming Deal With … Itself

T-Mobile has at last linked its US and European hotspot networks to allow subscribers based in either territory to continue using the service when the travel to the other. Via []Continue Reading

Grammy’s Go Wi-Fi

T-Mobile obviously understands that sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, or even a lot. Its latest Wi-Fi promotion with Borders Books & Music gives Wi-Fiers a sneak peek at the Grammy’s. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile To Offer Wi-Fi To Comcast Customers

Cable broadband customers will have more incentive to take their home high-speed Internet experience on the road thanks to a new venture to be announced Monday by T-Mobile, the USA’s top Wi-Fi provider, and Comcast, the No. 1 cable and broadband seller. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile, iPass Sign Wi-Fi Roaming Deal

Leading wireless access operator T-Mobile USA and corporate network service provider iPass have reached an agreement that allows iPass subscribers to access T-Mobile hot spots. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Buys World’s Fourth Biggest Wi-Fi Provider

T-Mobile’s Austrian subsidiary has acquired Vienna-based Wi-Fi hotspot provider Metronet for an undisclosed sum. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Extends WLAN Offering To Europe

T-Mobile has expanded its U.S.-originated wireless local area network strategy to Europe, rolling out the service in hot spots in Germany and Austria. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Spreads Wi-Fi At Airports

T-Mobile USA plans to add so-called Wi-Fi hot spots for high-speed wireless Internet connectivity in about 100 U.S. airport clubs and lounges over the next year through an agreement with Delta Air Lines, United Air Lines, and AMR’s American Airlines, the wireless carrier has announced. Via []Continue Reading

HP & T-Mobile Power Up Starbucks With Wireless

Starbucks customers may get a jolt of something a little more powerful than caffeine in the coming weeks. The ubiquitous U.S. coffee chain today with T-Mobile and computing giant Hewlett-Packard unveils in-store wireless access at a press event in San Francisco attended by VoiceStream/T-Mobile Chairman John Stanton, Hewlett-Packard President Michael Capellas and Starbucks Chairman HowardContinue Reading