Despite High Hopes For Economic Development, Cities Struggle With Wireless Internet

It seems the dream of an inexpensive Wi-Fi connection for all might be just that…a dream. About a year ago the city of Lompoc, California sunk $3 million into this dream, hoping that the internet could connect them with the outside world.

Currently, only a few hundred subscribers have latched on to the service, far fewer than the estimated 4,000 needed to repay loans for this venture. And municipal Wi-Fi projects aren’t just failing in Lompoc, across the country cities bought into the dream only to find out that they’ve been over promised, under delivered and may even have the wrong technology. This means millions of lost tax dollars that should have gone to other projects. No one knows what will happen to municipal Wi-Fi in the end but at this point the dream is turning into a nightmare for some communities.
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