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Qualcomm’s WiFi Joins With Airgo To Battle Intel’s WiMAX

Qualcomm is buying Airgo Networks and announced plans to market the latter’s so-called “802.11n Draft 2.0-compliant” chipset. The said silicon is due to make an appearance at CES 2007 in Las Vegas. Some analysts believe it will not be an easy road for Qualcomm. At the moment, some 370 technical issues beset Draft 2.0 andContinue Reading

MIMO Blasts WiFi Through Walls, Says Airgo

MIMO (Multiple in, Multiple Out) technology stands to greatly increase the coverage and stability of Wi-Fi networks. Chipmaker Airgo is starting to demo 200Mbit/sec wireless networking at various trade shows. Until the 802.11n spec is ratified, Airgo and other MIMO vendors stand to continue selling alot of units to cover ever increasing demands of users.Continue Reading

‘Outsider’ Airgo Approves Of 802.11n Proposal

Airgo Networks, which many observers believe was the target of a next-generation Wi-Fi standard proposal submitted by consortium of industry heavyweights such as Intel, said Thursday that it approved of the proposal. The endorsement likely further greases the skids for advancement of the next-generation of Wi-Fi at a meeting next week. Via []Continue Reading

New MIMO Wi-Fi To Outpace Ethernet

Airgo Networks, whose MIMO antenna technology pioneered a new generation of Wi-Fi gear with dramatically improved range and throughput, today announced a new product line it says will match data speeds of standard ethernet. Via []Continue Reading

Airgo Next-generation Wi-Fi Gets Global Approval

Airgo Networks announced Monday that its multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) wireless networking technology has received regulatory approval from government standards bodies in the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia and the European Union. Via []Continue Reading