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MIMO Blasts WiFi Through Walls, Says Airgo

MIMO (Multiple in, Multiple Out) technology stands to greatly increase the coverage and stability of Wi-Fi networks. Chipmaker Airgo is starting to demo 200Mbit/sec wireless networking at various trade shows. Until the 802.11n spec is ratified, Airgo and other MIMO vendors stand to continue selling alot of units to cover ever increasing demands of users.Continue Reading

MIMO Clears Another Hurdle

The standards working groups have been busy working on 802.11n, finally submitting a draft this week. 802.11n allows for speeds above 100Mbps using MIMO and OFDM and other alphabet soup technologies. Now the standard has to wait for 40 days for comments to roll in and then it gets a final vote. The lack ofContinue Reading

SMC Jumps On MIMO Bandwagon

WLAN equipment vendor SMC Tuesday announced a line of 802.11g products that use multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology to increase wireless data speeds and increase range. Via []Continue Reading

Study: MIMO Becoming A Necessary Wireless Technology

The report concluded that multiple input, multiple output gear–still in early stages–can as much as double the capacity of mobile networks. Via []Continue Reading

MIMO Brings 400Mbps Wi-Fi Closer

One Wi-Fi vendor says it is close to launching ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi products that will enable secure data transfer and video streaming. Via []Continue Reading

New MIMO Wi-Fi To Outpace Ethernet

Airgo Networks, whose MIMO antenna technology pioneered a new generation of Wi-Fi gear with dramatically improved range and throughput, today announced a new product line it says will match data speeds of standard ethernet. Via []Continue Reading

Linksys Ships Lower-Cost MIMO Wi-Fi Router

Linksys Tuesday shipped a Wi-Fi router based on Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) technology that is less expensive than previous routers using that technology. Via []Continue Reading

Belkin To Release Updated MIMO Wi-Fi Gear

Belkin said Monday that it is about to released enhanced pre-standard 802.11n Wi-Fi equipment using Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) technology aimed at home and small office users. Via []Continue Reading

Airgo Cuts MIMO Wi-Fi Chipset Prices

Airgo, the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless technology pioneer Airgo, has launched new, low-cost Wi-Fi chipsets. Via []Continue Reading

Is Ultra-fast Wi-Fi Worth The Gamble?

As an emerging technology promises to up the ante on wireless networking speed and range, industry experts warn large enterprises to hedge their bets when investing in it because of compatibility issues and a lack of products. Via []Continue Reading

MIMO Wireless Gains Market Credibility

MIMO (multiple input multiple output) wireless technology is beginning to gain traction in the WiFi market and is moving to address the 3G mobile industry, according to MIMO pioneer Airgo Networks. Via []Continue Reading

MIMO Tries To Wedge Into The Enterprise

WLAN equipment that uses MIMO smart antenna technology provides faster speeds and greater range than regular WLAN equipment. But remote management and standard issues provide an obstacle to enterprise acceptance. Via []Continue Reading