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Apple Wi-Fi Hack Revealed

Johnny Cache angered alot of Mac faithful with his Blackhat talk about wireless driver vulnerabilities in Mac’s. His recent silence has not helped things. However his silence has been lifted when talking about the vulnerability from the perspective of an Intel driver. The Mac faithful still claim he’s lying, but his attention to responsible disclosureContinue Reading

Speedier Wireless On The Way Via 4G

3G is barely deployed and now there is talk about 4G. Sprint is aiming to use WiMax as thier 4G technology of choice, expecting to put $3 Billion into the technology in the next 2 years. Faster speeds are one factor for the choice of WiMax but chipset costs and availability have also influenced theContinue Reading

Tropos Boosts Wi-Fi Gear

Tropos has increased the available bandwidth of municipal wireless installations with it’s dual band 5320 outdoor MetroMesh router. The new router boasts a multitude of different protocols and software improvements to allow cities to provide the best coverage possible. Via []Continue Reading

Google Wi-Fi Gift Has A Catch

Google’s municipal WiFi project in Mountain View, CA. has a catch, no live tech support. The network is being provided for 5 years at a cost of millions as a ‘perk’ to the city, but as the saying goes; “you get what you pay for”. The free network will not have any live tech supportContinue Reading

Wi-Fi HDTV Startup Gets $14M

Israeli startup Amimon got 14 Million in second round funding for thier wireless HDTV chipset. The company claims the ability to stream HDTV signal wirelessly to TV’s potentially avoiding costly cable installation. Other companies are in the same market, but are basing thier technology on pre-802.11n specs that might not be around by the timeContinue Reading

Portable Wireless Hacking Device Goes On Sale

Immunity is showing off thier Silica device, a handhelp wireless penetration tool. The $3000 device can automatically scan wireless networks and launch one of 150 attacks on the network, all while looking casual and covert. The device is powered by Immunity’s Canvas pentration testing product and will be available in October. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Introduces Wi-Fi Instant Message/Music Device

Sony has announced it’s new WI-FI instant messaging device, Mylo. Mylo stands for ‘My Life Online’ and is aimed at heavy music and instant messaging users. The unit will be able to surf the web as well as make Skype calls, all over WiFi. The device is touted as a personel communicator and features aContinue Reading

Springfield Eyes Citywide Wi-Fi

Springfield Mass. is investigating wireless for the city. The spent $30,000 for the three month study to find out if such a network is fiesable. They hope to provide it as an amenity to attract entrepreneurs. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Music Player Gets Serious

Slim Devices, best known for the squeezebox, have released a lossless format player for audiophiles. The player, named Transporter streams lossless codecs like Flac and wav over WiFi into the audiophiles stereo system. The system can apparantly provide better quality than high end CD players. Via []Continue Reading

Freescale, Wavesat Partner On WiMax CPEs

Freescale will be providing reference designs for a variety of WiMax devices in partnership with Wavesat. The designs cover business and residential gateways for fixed WiMax. The partnership keeps both companies from reinventing the wheel and they can get into the WiMax market quickly. Via []Continue Reading

Wagering On Wi-Fi

Municipal wireless will either soar or crash, depending on who you ask. The usual problems of achieving full coverage, how to pay for it, and getting people to use it are cited. Expectations for the technology don’t seem to be lined up with what is capable. Time will tell what happens. Via []Continue Reading

WiFi In Your Washer

The lowly washing machine is getting an upgrade. An alliance of big name appliance and computer companies are running trials on WiFi enabled washing machines that can alert users about when the laundry is done and also allow control of starting, stopping and the cycle of the washing machine through email, cell phone or instantContinue Reading

Study: More Wireless Protocols To Integrate

A study from WTRS forecasts that manufacturers are going to start integrating several wireless protocols into single chips in the near future. With devices like PDA’s using 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth, this is not a bad idea. They forcast high short term sales, but standbys like RFID will provide longer term profits. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Seen Limiting Battery Life On MS iPod Rival

The rumored WiFi capabilities of the upcoming Microsoft ‘Zune’ MP3 player may doom the product from the beginning. Battery life may become a huge issue as WiFi is a very large draw on batteries in portable devices. Details are thin at this time, however it seems that unless Microsoft can included extra features and similarContinue Reading

Muni Wi-Fi Faces Tech Trouble, Analyst Warns

Municipal wireless may deliver too little too late. A leading wireless consultant thinks that a great many municipal wireless projects are doomed to fail because they end up not being free and because they don’t have indoor coverage. He also believes that WiMax will have problems too. He believes that the edge the technology providesContinue Reading