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Fon: A Billionaire Wi-Fi Utopian And His Blog Chorus

Few start-ups encapsulate the desperate utopianism of the times so much as Fon Technology. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Startup Gets Funding From Google, Skype

Fon, of Spain, got $21.7 million in investor funding from Google, Skype, and other investors. Fon plans to create a global network of a million shared Wi-Fi hot-spots by 2010, using the same download, install, and share model that created the Skype network. Via []Continue Reading

Tempe Launches Citywide Wi-Fi

City officials in Tempe, Ariz., hosted a “Cutting the Wires” ceremony on Monday, marking the initial availability of Tempe’s citywide wireless access network. Via []Continue Reading

New Orleans Set To Launch Free Wi-Fi

Hurricane-ravaged New Orleans will deploy the nation’s first municipally owned wireless Internet system that will be free for all users, part of an effort to jump-start recovery by making living and doing business in the city as attractive as possible. Via []Continue Reading

San Francisco Gets Wi-Fi Feet Wet With ‘Hot Zones’

MetroFi Inc., a maker of wireless mesh network gear, has set up three “hot zones” in the city that are available now, the Mountain View, California, company said Tuesday. The city awarded MetroFi the right to set up the zones through a request for proposal (RFP) process that began in April, according to Chuck Haas,Continue Reading

Macedonia Leads World With Wi-Fi

Formerly part of Yugoslavia and previously better known as a potential ethnic trouble spot, Macedonia is now rapidly becoming a wi-fi hotspot. Via []Continue Reading

Leader: Free Wireless Net Access For Everyone

Should the UK offer free wireless internet access everywhere and to everyone? If one council, such as Islington, can do it, should the rest of the councils – or central government – follow its lead? Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Cities Spark HotSpot Debate

A growing number of cities in the US are treating high-speed internet as a basic amenity for citizens, like running water or the electricity grid. But as the concept expands so does the battle with big business. Via []Continue Reading

Seattle Neighborhoods’ Free Wi-Fi Hits Snags

Five months ago, Mayor Greg Nickels flawlessly demonstrated a new city-run wireless Internet system in Columbia City as part of a program to see if free access could boost business in certain neighborhoods. Via []Continue Reading

Don’t Let Fear Kill Muni Wi-Fi

Plans are afoot in Philadelphia and Huntsville, Alabama, as well as my hometown of San Francisco, to provide residents with low-cost or free wireless internet access. It’s a great idea whose time has come, like drinking fountains, public toilets and park benches. But last week, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that my city’s mayor expectsContinue Reading

Ads Pay For Free Wi-Fi

While hotel guests complain about being charged as much as $13 a day for Wi-Fi Internet access, Tantus Networks has come up with a way to make wireless Internet access free to everyone—through Wi-Fi advertising. Via []Continue Reading

Winning Municipal Business

For EarthLink, the Philadelphia contract isn’t just about starting a new business line. It’s also about deploying the latest technology. Cole Reinwand is EarthLink’s director of next generation broadband, covering WiMAX, broadband over power lines (BPL), fiber to the home (FTTH), and other technologies. Via []Continue Reading

In A WiFi-friendly City, It’s Hard To Be Hungry, Or Lost

In the high-tech city of Oulu, Finland, anyone with a wireless laptop or mobile device won’t go hungry or stay lost. Via []Continue Reading

Mayor Sees Wireless Service As Nasic Right

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who became internationally known for his campaign a year ago to legalise gay marriage, said on Monday he considered wireless Internet access a fundamental right of all citizens. Via []Continue Reading

Square Off Over Wi-Fi In The Town Square

Hundreds of local governments are building wireless networks– but the telecom industry has taken issue. Via []Continue Reading