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CBS Offers Midtown Manhattan Free Wireless Internet Access

CBS has just made an announcement that is sure to delight New Yorkers. From Times Square to Central Park and from 6th to 8th Avenue will become the new CBS Mobile Zone. This zone will carry free Wi-Fi for cell phones, laptops and other devices that want to access the internet or even make voiceContinue Reading

Google-funded Startup To Offer Free Wi-Fi In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has had its ups and downs with a citywide Wi-Fi system and still there is no system in sight. Google has most recently entered the fray, at least peripherally. Meraki, Google funded start up, claims it can cover the city with Wi-Fi for a fraction of the current plan’s costs,Continue Reading

SF Sets Wi-Fi Vote, But Deal May Fade

San Francisco has spent three long years working toward citywide Wi-Fi and it appears as though a November election will finally settle the debate. The problem is the city’s deal with EarthLink may go south before it is ever implemented. EarthLink has raised concerns about the citywide Wi-Fi agreements they have signed and are noContinue Reading

Learning To Share Your Wi-Fi

Wanna share your Wi-Fi? Now you can, and with three choices to boot. The Whisher beta software is available for download and can operate with most, if not all, Wi-Fi routers or access points. Users must register their Wi-Fi network and to do so, they would need to disclose its name, physical address, and WEPContinue Reading

Pilgrims On The Wireless Trail

People in Cape Cod, Massachusetts just weren’t getting the internet service they hoped for, so instead of fighting with carriers they decided to find their own solution. The non-profit group, OpenCape Corp was started with about $300,000 in donations from local colleges, communities and development agencies. The group is already taking steps toward its goalContinue Reading

The Other Public-Access Wi-Fi

Public Access WiFi appears to be undergoing an evolution of sorts. The current standard deployment method consists of mesh technology and many people supply this equipment. The key question is who should own this infrastructure and what fees should apply. Some experts are in favor of a tiered approach with the lowest level of serviceContinue Reading

Wireless Internet For All, Without The Towers

Meraki Networks is testing a WiFi network that aims to provide affordable wireless Internet connection. In several neighborhoods, the Mountain View, California-based start-up has installed $49 boxes, which is equipped with a Wi-Fi router-on-a-chip and software that supports a “mesh network”. This network redirects signals when boxes are removed or added and when network performanceContinue Reading

Taking Wi-Fi Power To The People

FON has offered free WiFi routers in San Francisco and plans to do the same in New York later this year. During the “Freedom” events, the Spanish start-up would distribute its La Fonera, a newly-released device that supports 802.11g technology and allows broadband subscribers to share bandwidth with WiFi users. La Fonera complements FON’s softwareContinue Reading

Silicon Valley Wireless Project Moves Forward

The Wireless Silicon Valley Task Force has chosen Silicon Valley Metro Connect to build and run a wireless network that will stretch over 1,500 square miles of the region. Metro Connect is a consortium involving Cisco Systems and IBM. The project, however, still requires the approval of individual municipalities before the construction of the networkContinue Reading

Minneapolis Goes Wi-Fi, With WiMax To Follow

Minneapolis aims to create a citywide wireless network with the help of BelAir Networks and US Internet. Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak said the city “has chosen both a business model and a technology solution that ensure immediate, ongoing, and sustainable benefits.” Under the plan, the suppliers will develop a 54-squre-mile network that will initiallyContinue Reading

Taipei Becomes Wireless City, Offering Residents Access To Internet Anywhere In City

Taipei, according to its mayor Ma Ying-jeou, is now a wireless city. Over the last two years, city officials have installed around 4,000 access points in several buildings to allow anyone to connect to the Internet anywhere in the area for a fee. Residents need to pay 400 New Taiwan dollars or about 12 USContinue Reading

Ghana Set For Nationwide Mobile WiMAX

Ghana is due to have a nationwide WiMax coverage. Internet Ghana will use Navini Network’s Ripwave MX solution with smart WiMAX to build the first 802.16e software upgradeable network in the African country. “With high consumer demand, poor DSL access and long customer connection times Ghana is absolutely ready for mass market, rapid install, broadbandContinue Reading

Wi-Fi ‘Blogmobile’ Travels The Streets Of New York

For a week, New Yorkers were able to chat with celebrities like Billy Wagner of the New York Mets and Ms. Universe Zuleyka Rivera over the Internet through the Blogmobile, an oversized van that houses a dozen PCs and acted as a WiFi hotspot. The blogmobile used Telkonet NuVisions technology to enable connection among theContinue Reading

Hurdles Still Block The Road To Faster Wi-Fi

802.11n promises much higher bandwidth over wireless to satisfy the demands for high end multimedia applications, streaming video and the like. However, as with most standards body decisions, the manufacturers are left figuring out “how the heck do impliment that?”. 802.11n seems to be no exception. Trying to span both the 2.4 and 5 GhzContinue Reading

MetroFi’s Free Wi-Fi Is A Pretty Good Deal

My friends Chuck and Penny, who live down the street from me in Cupertino, have won the free WiFi lottery. Via []Continue Reading