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Google May Get Its Open-access Wishes After All; Will Bid In 700MHz Auction

The much anticipated 700MHz spectrum auction in January officially has another bidder. Google has announced that it will toss its hat in the ring. A Google representative says that the company’s goal is to offer American consumers more choices in an open and competitive wireless world. Officially, Google doesn’t have to announce its plans untilContinue Reading

Google Launches US Wireless Crusade

Google is looking to offer 95% of the population free broadband within the next 10 years. Unfortunately, it seems that the FCC is thwarting their efforts. Google has contacted the FCC and explained to them their interest in a wireless proposal set forth by M2Z Networks. M2Z is hoping to lease an unused slice ofContinue Reading

Google-funded Startup To Offer Free Wi-Fi In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has had its ups and downs with a citywide Wi-Fi system and still there is no system in sight. Google has most recently entered the fray, at least peripherally. Meraki, Google funded start up, claims it can cover the city with Wi-Fi for a fraction of the current plan’s costs,Continue Reading

Google’s Long Shot In Wireless

Google has a vision of the future and it looks pretty good. Their goal is to make all cellphones compatible with any wireless network and internet access will be sold to customers at deeply discounted prices. In fact, Google is so devoted to this vision that it’s willing to throw $4.6 billion toward transforming primeContinue Reading

Google Announces Free In-home Wireless Broadband Service

Technology has now made gaps in cell phone coverage a thing of the past, that is if there is a Wi-Fi Hotspot nearby. Smart phones, complete with Wi-Fi capabilities are hitting the market, albeit slowly, and allow you to make VoIP phone calls, check email, read the latest news and other activities via the internet.Continue Reading

Google Requests Wi-Fi Perch

Google wants access to as many as 1,500 city light poles in San Francisco for its own test network and exclusive from the citywide WiFi network that it proposed to the city. Google’s project partner, EarthLink, voiced the search giant’s request to city officials, which it said is a condition for Google’s participation in theContinue Reading

Google Wi-Fi Gift Has A Catch

Google’s municipal WiFi project in Mountain View, CA. has a catch, no live tech support. The network is being provided for 5 years at a cost of millions as a ‘perk’ to the city, but as the saying goes; “you get what you pay for”. The free network will not have any live tech supportContinue Reading

Google Says It Doesn’t Plan Nationwide Wi-Fi Service

Google is not planning to provide US-wide WiFi service. It said around 300 contracts are open for competition but Google has not expressed its interest in any of them. It has put up $1 million to build a citywide network in Mountain View, the place Google calls home. As per its agreement with the city,Continue Reading

In Search Of Google Wi-Fi

Google has blanketed Mountain View, Calfornia, the place it calls home, with WiFi using a mesh of nodes placed on the city’s lamp posts. A test of the network — access to which is not available to the public yet — showed that reliability, speed and ease of use do not match up with cellularContinue Reading

Google Details Mountain View Wi-Fi Service

Google has no plan to profit from the the free Wi-Fi service that it is providing to Mountain View, California, the city where it is based. “The reason it is free is because…we want to get a lot of people on it,” Google’s Larry Alder said at the Supernova 2006 conference in San Francisco. ThoughContinue Reading

Google Forging Ahead With Wi-Fi Efforts

Google will provide free wireless Internet access service to its hometown of Mountain View, Calif. in a phased rollout that begins this summer. Volunteers providing feedback for the project can sign up for Wi-Fi this summer, with public service coming available later this year. Meanwhile, Google is working with Earthlink to blanket San Francisco withContinue Reading

Why Cable Companies, Google Are Eyeing Wireless Spectrum

As companies compete for any advantage, some unlikely names are showing interest in radio spectrum. The FCC is set to auction off 90Mhz pieces of the 1.7GHz to 2.1GHz bands. Names such as Google and Time Warner and Verizon are all being listed as possibly interested in pieces of the spectrum. The theories on whatContinue Reading

Google Teams With Nokia For Wi-Fi Mobile Phone Service

Google is working with Nokia to launch a handheld device that will include Google’s instant messenger and Internet calling service called Google Talk. The plan envisions users to tap a wireless Internet network instead of cellular signals to make calls. The service will be restricted to people with Google Talk on their PCs or NokiaContinue Reading

Google Won’t Do Silicon Valley Wi-Fi

Google will not join the competition for the establishment of a Wi-Fi Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Google spokeswoman Megan Quinn said the company has no intention to respond to a request for proprosals for the $200 million project, which is due on June 30. The Wireless Silicon Valley Task Force is looking for oneContinue Reading

Google Wi-Fi Deal Gains Powerful Critics

The Google/Earthlink plan to unwire San Francisco is meeting with some serious opposition. While groups like the ACLU and the EFF applaud the economic and social benifits of the plan, but also have grave concerns about the privacy of the system. The latest person to step up with concerns is city supervisor Jake McGoldrick. NoContinue Reading