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Fon’s New Friend – Time Warner Cable

Is a Fon subscription right for you? Fon is a start-up wireless broadband network that uses other people’s bandwidth to get its clients online. Currently many people use someone else’s open WiFi network to get online, a practice that is generally a violation of the subscriber’s service contract. But that may soon change. Time WarnerContinue Reading

BT Keeps Quiet On Wi-Fi Sharing Talks

BT is keeping mum on rumors it is having secret negotiations with FON. The company said it wants to expand its Wi-Fi coverage but it has no deal with the Spanish Wi-Fi sharing network at the moment. According to Reuters, however, the two firms are holding talks with each other. Many ISPs, including BT, haveContinue Reading

Taking Wi-Fi Power To The People

FON has offered free WiFi routers in San Francisco and plans to do the same in New York later this year. During the “Freedom” events, the Spanish start-up would distribute its La Fonera, a newly-released device that supports 802.11g technology and allows broadband subscribers to share bandwidth with WiFi users. La Fonera complements FON’s softwareContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Service Breaches ISP Conditions’s WiFi routers are apparently in violation of the conditions of seven of U.K.’s top 10 Internet service providers. The company’s routers enable sharing of broadband connections with third parties, which is allowed by Blueyonder from Telewest and Orange Broadband. But others like BT, NTL and Tiscali prohibit connection sharing while AOL would only permitContinue Reading