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BT Keeps Quiet On Wi-Fi Sharing Talks

BT is keeping mum on rumors it is having secret negotiations with FON. The company said it wants to expand its Wi-Fi coverage but it has no deal with the Spanish Wi-Fi sharing network at the moment. According to Reuters, however, the two firms are holding talks with each other. Many ISPs, including BT, haveContinue Reading

Households Pick Up VoIP

BT boasted that sign-ups for its Broadband Talk and Softphone Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services have reached one million. The figure includes subscribers to the Broadband Talk service and those who have secured a dedicated VoIP number. The company also said many of its 500,000 Business Broadband customers are also VoIP users though it declined to sayContinue Reading

BT Tweaks Its Fusion Wi-Fi Package For Businesses

BT unveiled BT Fusion Wi-Fi, a fixed-mobile convergence solution that aims to lower communication costs in small to medium enterprises. The system involves directing calls over broadband connections via private company WLANs and about 2,000 BT Openzone public access hot spots. Subscribers to the BT Business One Plan pay as little as 5p for aContinue Reading

BT Cuts Hotspot Costs

BT is giving more minutes to people accessing its Openzone WiFi hotspot. The offer, which will last through January 31, 2007, allows users of its £6 one-hour vouchers to have 90 non-consecutive minutes so long as they use them within 24 hours. Those under the 24-hour or 30-day plan have no similar privilege. Via []Continue Reading

BT Advocates WiFi For Spying On Neighbours

BT believes WiFi can be beneficial to the work of local authorities. The technology, according to BT, can be used to locate noisy parties and, with the installation of Webcams and sensors, may help fight crimes. The company hopes to expand the coverage of its ‘wide radius’ wireless broadband networks to six new cities inContinue Reading

BT To Beam Wireless Broadband To Cities

BT Group intends to install a network of Wi-Fi hotspots in 12 U.K. cities, including Leeds, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London’s Westminster area, by the end of 2006. Steve Andrews, BT’s chief of converged services, clarified that the plan only constitutes the first phase and that the company expects to expand its coverage. InContinue Reading

Nintendo Users Get Free Wi-Fi Downloads

Nintendo is partnering with BT openzone in the UK to setup WiFi hotspots in game retail stores for Nintendo DS users to download content, demo’s and promotional information. a Million subscribed Nintendo WiFi subscribers is quite the market base for this service. At the very least this proves that Wifi is becoming mainstream. Via []Continue Reading

BT To Develop Global Wi-Fi

BT wants to build a global wi-fi network to enable customers to make cheap mobile calls routed over the internet anywhere in the world. Via []Continue Reading

BT Weighs WiMax Move

BT is reportedly considering a bid for Pipex in a move that would give it one of the scarce WiMax licences currently held in the UK. Via []Continue Reading

Broadband Boom Boosts BT’s Profits

BT surprised the City on Thursday morning by announcing third-quarter figures that were better than analysts had predicted. Via []Continue Reading

Boingo Wireless, BT Partner For Wi-Fi

Boingo Wireless is adding more muscle to its Boingo Roaming System, thanks to a newly signed deal with British Telecommunications’ (BT) BT Openzone Wi-Fi Internet service provider. Via []Continue Reading

100 People To Trial WiMAX For BT

A hundred people are to take part in WiMAX trials in Belfast and Birmingham as BT tests the water for wireless broadband. Via []Continue Reading

Navini, BT Announce WiMAX Trial

Navini Networks is on a tear. The vendor is now working with British Telecommunications (BT) on a trial of pre-WiMAX systems for the United Kingdom. Via []Continue Reading

BT Unveils 3G Wi-Fi Combo

BT has launched a combined Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS tariff for road warriors and other business folk on the move. Via []Continue Reading

Openzone Boss Optimistic About Wi-Fi Take Up

BT says Wi-Fi usage is growing fast, and claims network aggregators such as iPass don’t offer the kind of coverage that mobile workers need. Via []Continue Reading