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Intel Admits To Centrino Wi-Fi Security Flaw

Intel has discovered flaws in its Centrino’s wireless technology that could make laptops hosting it susceptible to security attacks such as worms. The vulnerabilities, according to a statement by the company, “exist in the Microsoft Windows drivers for the Intel 2200BG and 2915ABG PRO/Wireless Network Connection Hardware because of the way that they currently handleContinue Reading

Intel Announces Mobile WiMax Chip

Intel has unveiled Rosedale II, the company’s first chip that supports mobile Wimax. The firm, according to Chris Beardsmore, Intel’s market development manager for Europe, will conduct commercial trials of the new silicon in Europe by the end of 2006. Beardsmore expects Rosedale II to expand the user base of Intel’s WiMax solutions. Beardsmore said:Continue Reading

Intel Haifa Staff Tap Away In WiFi Bomb Shelters

The Hizbollah-instigated bombings did not affect the work of the staff at Intel Corp’s Haifa research center in Israel as the company’s bomb shelters were fully equipped with a wireless network. Intel Israel spokesman Kobi Bachar said he does not “see any impact on output” of the weekend incident in Israel’s largest city, adding thatContinue Reading

Intel’s $600 Million WiMax Bet

Intel, with hopes of encouraging a nationwide service that equips notebook PCs for fast Internet access and Internet-based calling throughout the US, has invested $600 million in Clearwire. This is Intel’s second investment in the Kirkland (Wash.)-based wireless broadband provider, and a big boost for WiMax. WiMax technology is used to cover large areas withContinue Reading

Intel To Talk Up ‘Rosedale 2′ WiMAX Chip

Intel Corp. representatives have plans to ship the “Rosedale 2″ WiMAX chip within the next 6 to 9 months, according to a company spokesperson. Unlike the current chip, Rosedale 2 will support both the current fixed version (802.16d) and the new mobile version of the 802.16 WiMAX specifications. “Nomadic” or “portable CPEs,” which are similarContinue Reading

Intel Wows With Dual-Mode WiMax Chip

Intel is set to unveil Rosedale 2 — a chipset that can support fixed and mobile WiMax — at the upcoming Wireless Communications Association International (WCA) 2006 meeting in Washington. The chip is intended for use in modems and residential gateways but the company is aiming to extend its application to picocell base stations. LaterContinue Reading

Intel Looking For Peaceful Wi-Fi Co-Existence

Researchers at Intel have developed a new technology that could address network performance degradation in wireless networks resulting from interference generated by devices like microwave ovens, cordless phones and baby monitors. The Spectrum Sensing technology enables a Wi-Fi radio to locate such interference and increase its signal to subdue the background noise. During early testsContinue Reading

Intel Plans Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors

Health and medical-related uses for Bluetooth and wireless communications technology have manufacturers including IBM, Motorola, Nonin Medical, Phillips Electronics, and Welch Allyn joining forces to create and ratify a new Bluetooth Medical Device Profile. Using the new industry standard, blood pressure monitors, exercise equipment, and other health and medical devices will connect wirelessly to BluetoothContinue Reading

Intel Backs Wireless Sensor Networking Startup

Intel is backing a new startup called Arch Rock and thier desire to build wireless internet enabled sensor devices. The idea is to have these things on everything, utilizing a low power mesh network to string them together to allow operators to have a firm grasp of what is happening in the physical world, throughContinue Reading

Intel To Unwire Emerging Indian Tech Hub

The city of Pune, India is going to be unwired by Intel over the next year. The plan is to use WiFi and WiMax technologies to cover 400 square kilometers of the emerging tech hub city with wireless net access. The area is riddled with high tech companies who definatly know a few things aboutContinue Reading

Intel Lines Up Santa Rosa, WiMax For Notebooks

Intel unveiled a new generation of its Centrino notebook technology as well as the ultramobile PC during afternoon keynote speeches at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Goes WiMAX In Saudi Arabia

Intel’s operations in Saudi Arabia have achieved a regional first by adopting WiMAX technology to support their communication needs through Integrated Telecom Co. Via []Continue Reading

Intel’s Napa Wireless Platform Promises More With Less

Intel Corp. is touting its next mobile platform, dubbed Napa, as another major milestone in notebook PC history. Via []Continue Reading

Intel-Based WiMAX Networks Under Way With 24 Carriers Worldwide

According to Intel, thirteen carriers from around the world are now deploying the world’s first fixed WiMAX networks based on Intel’s WiMAX technologies, delivering high-speed broadband access to businesses and residences from Germany to Guatemala. Eleven more carriers are preparing to deploy additional Intel-based WiMAX networks by year’s end. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola, Intel Team On Mobile WiMax

Motorola and Intel are teaming up to accelerate the development and adoption of a broadband technology called WiMax for mobile devices, the companies announced Thursday. Via []Continue Reading