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Windows Vista Supports WiFi Sleep Mode, But Only In A Perfect World

A post by senior product manager Jason Leznek on the Microsoft Windows Vista team blog stating that Vista RTM features a “sleep” function for WiFi connections raised concerns among laptop users. The pre-RC1 version is set to “Medium Power” if a laptop operates on battery power and this default setting carries a “sleep” feature, whichContinue Reading

Intel Superfast Wi-Fi Faces Microsoft Vista Overload

Intel plans to incorporate 802.11n into the new version of its Wi-Fi/WiMax chipset. Kedron is expected to be five times better, with data throughputs that are 30 times higher than the 2003 version. The company is now conducting a cooperative testing with major LAN networking suppliers, namely Netgear, D-Link, Linksys and Buffalo, to ensure interoperabilityContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Seen Limiting Battery Life On MS iPod Rival

The rumored WiFi capabilities of the upcoming Microsoft ‘Zune’ MP3 player may doom the product from the beginning. Battery life may become a huge issue as WiFi is a very large draw on batteries in portable devices. Details are thin at this time, however it seems that unless Microsoft can included extra features and similarContinue Reading

Microsoft Admits To Wi-Fi Security Hole

Microsoft has admitted that there is a security flaw in the way Windows handles wireless connections, but the company has said it may not fix the problem until its next Service Pack is released. Via []Continue Reading

Windows 2000/XP Fall Through Wi-Fi Flaw

Hackers have exposed details of a previously undocumented flaw in Microsoft’s handling of Wi-Fi which affects users of Windows 2000 and XP. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Creates Virtual Wi-Fi

Microsoft has developed a technique to allow people to access multiple Wi-Fi networks with a single Wi-Fi card. Via []Continue Reading

Intel, Microsoft Vista Promise Wi-Fi Simple Config

A presentation by Intel’s Harsha Hegde and Microsoft’s Scott Manchester at the Developer Forum last week, promised better security in the future for wi-fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Calypso Wireless Testing WiFi/GSM-GPRS VoIP Cellular Phone Based On Microsoft VoIP SIP Client

Calypso Wireless, Inc. have completed a demonstration with Ecutel of its dual mode C1250i Wi-Fi-GSM-GPRS VoIP cellular phone. Calypso’s mobile phone, which according to the company utilizes the Microsoft VoIP SIP Client, was able to successfully interconnect with CISCO Systems networking equipment using Ecutel telephony network systems. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Meshing

Microsoft is working on software to make Internet access cheaper for remote locations. Via []Continue Reading

Start-up Edges Cisco For Microsoft Wi-Fi Deal

Aruba Networks has won a major wireless contract with Microsoft, beating out Cisco Systems. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Connectivity Delivered to Xbox Live Through Microsoft And D-Link

D-Link, a provider of networking and communication solutions to the consumer, SMB and enterprise markets, has announced that Microsoft has certified its AirPlus XtremeG DWL-G810 wireless adapter for use with its online gaming service Xbox Live in Europe. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Bolsters XP Wireless Security

Microsoft has released an update to Windows XP Service Pack 2 that fortifies the operating system’s wireless networking security through the adoption of Wi-Fi Protected Access 2. WPA2 offers more advanced data encryption and conforms to government-mandated regulations for security, including HIPPA and FIPS 140-2. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Updates XP Wi-Fi Security Support

Microsoft over the weekend rolled out an update to its Windows XP operating system to add support for WPA2, aka Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, the wireless security specification approved by the IEEE. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft, VeriSign Team On Wi-Fi Security Architecture

Citing the increased risk posed by mobile workers and wireless networking technology, Microsoft Corp. and VeriSign Inc. said on Wednesday that they are teaming up to help organizations secure Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Microsoft Wireless Net Due For Upgrade

When Microsoft began installing its campuswide wireless network five years ago, it was something of a pioneer. Via []Continue Reading