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Cisco Set To Tackle WiFi Interference

Cisco has teamed up with Congio to reduce the volume of radio interference around WLAN devices. Cognio’s Spectrum Expert for WiFi — a CardBus device that plugs into a Windows notebook — can analyze WiFi interference and would complement the company’s Wireless Control System. These tools would help companies deploy wireless LANs and manage interferenceContinue Reading

Trapeze Moves To Distributed Switching Model

Trapeze Networks Inc. unveiled its “Smart Mobile” software, which conveys copies of Station Switching Records to each access point in an 802.11 network. The new solution renders local copies of information on Quality of Service policies, firewall protection, and Virtual LAN tags. It enables encryption to be carried out in a distributed manner and itContinue Reading

Wyse Ships Thin Clients With Embedded Wi-Fi

Wyse Technology Inc. has started shipping its V-Class systems of thin-client computers embedded with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless capabilities. According to David Angwin, a Wyse senior marketing manager in the U.K., WiFi-embedded computers are particularly useful in environments such as airports and schools where Ethernet may not always be available. Although the current setup doesContinue Reading

Noise Free Wi-Fi IPTV

Rotani has unveiled VideoPuck, an new program designed to provide noise-free WiFi for the IPTV market. The new software can be integrated in the the firmware of standard access points and set top boxes and promises to address WiFi interference problems during IPTV multicasts. Rotani co-founder and executive vice president Nicholas Funke said European IPTVContinue Reading

Boffins Working On Super Wi-Fi Chip

Researchers at Lucent’s Bell Laboratories are developing software that can alter a WiFi chip so that it can work on all types of radio appliances. They believe that most of these appliances contain outdated chips, which are wired to a sole frequency. The goal is to make a chip that can move across all frequenciesContinue Reading

GigaBeam Gains From US City Wireless Build-out

A western US company has purchased 11 of GigaBeam’s WiFiber links with compound semiconductor chips, according to the Virginia-based broadband wireless access equipment vendor. According to GigaBeam chairman and CEO Lou Slaughter, the company’s client “is taking advantage of WiFiber, instead of terrestrial fiber, to build out a metropolitan network at a fraction of theContinue Reading

CSR Design For £11 Wi-Fi Phones

Wireless chipmaker CSR has developed a VoIP phone that may be sold for under $20 or just a tenth of the average cost of current models. The company plans to license UniVox to handset manufacturers and sees the release of the product by the second half of next year. The phone uses CSR’s UniFi tri-bandContinue Reading

Apple Wi-Fi Hack Revealed

Johnny Cache angered alot of Mac faithful with his Blackhat talk about wireless driver vulnerabilities in Mac’s. His recent silence has not helped things. However his silence has been lifted when talking about the vulnerability from the perspective of an Intel driver. The Mac faithful still claim he’s lying, but his attention to responsible disclosureContinue Reading

Tropos Boosts Wi-Fi Gear

Tropos has increased the available bandwidth of municipal wireless installations with it’s dual band 5320 outdoor MetroMesh router. The new router boasts a multitude of different protocols and software improvements to allow cities to provide the best coverage possible. Via []Continue Reading

WiFi Phones Arrive, But Still Expensive

Panasonic is now offering Skype-supported phones. The handset uses public hotspots as well as home and office WiFi to run Skype voicemail and call forwarding. The firm plans to also develop VoIP handsets for Vonage. Meanwhile, Cisco’s consumer unit Linksys has shipped WIP330 to Europe. The VoIP phone operates on SIP 2 protocol and isContinue Reading

Demand For WiFi Equipment, Components Growing

Analysts expect the WiFi equipment market to become a $3 billion sector in the next three years. The reason: the emerging WiFi applications such as wireless game consoles, PDAs, cell phones and home entertainment systems. According to Chris Taylor, who heads the wireless components service at the Boston-based consultancy Strategy Analytics, “the market for WiFiContinue Reading

Tropos Expands Municipal Wireless Options

Tropos Networks is releasing Tropos 5320, a new outdoor wireless mesh router that includes more than one radio. According to Tropos senior director of marketing Bert Williams, the new device may integrate Wi-Fi, WiMAX metropolitan-area wireless and even 3G, and determine which combination will provide the best performance within the mesh, a network that canContinue Reading

Wi-Fi HDTV Startup Gets $14M

Israeli startup Amimon got 14 Million in second round funding for thier wireless HDTV chipset. The company claims the ability to stream HDTV signal wirelessly to TV’s potentially avoiding costly cable installation. Other companies are in the same market, but are basing thier technology on pre-802.11n specs that might not be around by the timeContinue Reading

Portable Wireless Hacking Device Goes On Sale

Immunity is showing off thier Silica device, a handhelp wireless penetration tool. The $3000 device can automatically scan wireless networks and launch one of 150 attacks on the network, all while looking casual and covert. The device is powered by Immunity’s Canvas pentration testing product and will be available in October. Via []Continue Reading

Sony Introduces Wi-Fi Instant Message/Music Device

Sony has announced it’s new WI-FI instant messaging device, Mylo. Mylo stands for ‘My Life Online’ and is aimed at heavy music and instant messaging users. The unit will be able to surf the web as well as make Skype calls, all over WiFi. The device is touted as a personel communicator and features aContinue Reading