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Apple Eyes The Wireless Auction

The upcoming wireless auction may be drawing another high roller. BusinessWeek has reported that Apple is looking at the possibilities of a purchase. It’s believed that this chunk of wireless spectrum is the last available for creating a mainstream broadband network. It’s believed that signals in this 700Mhz spectrum will be able to provide fasterContinue Reading

iPhone Music Store Plus Apple And Starbucks/T-Mobile Wi-Fi Agreement

We have received word and rumors are spreading that Apple and Starbucks/T-Mobile will be announcing a special deal to allow for iPhone Wi-Fi access at Starbucks/T-Mobile sites. The terms and details of the announcement are not yet known, but we hear that this is going to arrive at the same time that the iTunes storeContinue Reading

iPhones Flooding Wireless LAN At Duke University

Duke University is facing a wireless LAN crisis which seems to be related to the recent release of Apple’s iPhone. Up to 30 wireless access points can be knocked out at a time as the built-in 802.11b/g adapter on the newly released phone flood the area with MAC address requests. The requests are for anContinue Reading

Apple’s 802.11n Accounting Conundrum

Apple cited generally accepted accounting principles as reason for imposing a fee of $1.99 to customers who want to download software that would switch on the 802.11n Wi-Fi technology in MacBooks and MacBook Pros with Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor. The Macs, according to the company, were released prior to the approval of draft 2.0Continue Reading

Report: Apple Will Charge For 802.11n Access

Mac owners will need to pay if they want to enable the 802.11n draft standard in their machines, according to Mac enthusiast websites, AppleInsider and MacFixIt. The said technology is integrated but not turned on in all Macs operating on Core 2 Duo or Xeon processors save for the 17-inch 1.83GHz iMac. The fee isContinue Reading

Apple Wi-Fi Flaw Disclosure Takes Bizarre Turn

The bizarre saga involving the discovery and disclosure of WiFi driver vulnerabilities in Apple products continues. After SecureWorks researcher David Maynor revealed that the MacBook has a code execution flaw during the Black Hat conference, Apple decided to remove SecureWorks from the reporting credits concerning its patch. Now comes a statement saying that the twoContinue Reading

Apple Wi-Fi Hack Revealed

Johnny Cache angered alot of Mac faithful with his Blackhat talk about wireless driver vulnerabilities in Mac’s. His recent silence has not helped things. However his silence has been lifted when talking about the vulnerability from the perspective of an Intel driver. The Mac faithful still claim he’s lying, but his attention to responsible disclosureContinue Reading

Warning: Your Wi-Fi Is Vulnerable To Attack

At the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, two researchers showed how criminals can attack laptops due to a flaw in WiFi card software. David Maynor of SecureWorks and independent researcher Jon Ellch, aka Johnny Cache, opted for a video presentation instead of a live demo so as not to provide too much informationContinue Reading

iPod Chip Builder Teams For Wireless And 3G Capabilities

PortalPlayer, the company best known for making processors for iPods, has announced two new technology partnerships. Via []Continue Reading

Apple iPod Team Seeks Wi-Fi Engineer

Apple is looking for two iPod hardware engineers both with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi experience, opening the possibility that the portable music player may be upgraded with wireless connectivity. Via []Continue Reading

Epson Projector Supports 802.11g, Apple’s Keynote

Epson today announced two new portable XGA (1,024 x 768) projectors: the 3.8-pound PowerLite 740c and “the unique” 3.9-pound PowerLite 745c. The company says that both models are the industry’s first 2,500-ANSI lumens projectors with XGA resolution to break below the four-pound weight barrier. Via []Continue Reading

Apple’s AirPort Express Worth Price, If You Use All The Features

Apple Computer’s new AirPort Express is a four-trick pony: It creates a portable wireless network, moves music around the house, shares a printer and can increase the range of your existing wireless setup. Via []Continue Reading

AirPort Express: A Bit Of ‘Geek Heaven’

Apple Computer Inc.’s new AirPort Express wireless access point is just the kind of toy we high-tech gadget freaks fall in love with. Via []Continue Reading

New Mac Products Take Center Stage

Apple today announced it has begun shipping its AirPort Express Wi-Fi mobile base station. “With over 80,000 pre-orders, AirPort Express is off to a great start as the first 802.11g mobile base station for Mac and PC users,” Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, said. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi On The Move

If you’re parked in a hotel room with a wired broadband connection, a new Wi-Fi solution can come to the wireless rescue. The Apple AirPort Express, a new $129 802.11g mobile Wi-Fi base station, offers what may be the most efficient design yet for roaming wirelessly. Via []Continue Reading