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Siemens Teams With Nokia On Wi-Fi-GSM Handover

Siemens and Nokia are collaborating to perfect the handover of voice calls between corporate Wi-Fi and GSM networks. The two companies will work on certifying the compatibility of software in their products for business clients such as Nokia’s E-series mobile phones and Siemens’ fixed-mobile convergence server called MobileConnect, which is compatible with its HiPath 8000Continue Reading

Siemens Building Compliance Into Wi-Fi

HiPath Wireless Advanced, the latest management package for Siemens’ Wi-Fi LAN products, comes with compliance technology built right in; predefined business rules automatically check data for government regulations conformity. Advanced also comes with built-in intrusion and protection capabilities, but rather than a denial of service each time a rogue AP is mistakenly accessed, the SiemensContinue Reading

Siemens Unveils New WLAN Family

Siemens Communications may still be in the process of figuring out what to ultimately do with its mobile handset division, but the company is still rolling out handsets, including a family of 802.11 WLAN phones for data and voice. Via []Continue Reading

Siemens Readies Digital TV, VoIP Wi-Fi Handsets

Siemens may have yet to decide whether it intends to flog off its mobile phone division, but while it ponders such a course, its handset business has to continue touting new product. To that end, the company today revealed a trio of handsets it will show off at CeBIT next month. Via []Continue Reading

Siemens Claims Wireless Speed Record

German vendor develops experimental system that transmits data at 1 Gbps using a new antenna system and OFDM. Via []Continue Reading

Siemens Backs New Wireless Technology

German telecommunications gear maker Siemens is backing a new kind of broadband wireless technology that will compete with Wi-Fi and 3G cellular services. Via []Continue Reading