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iPhone Music Store Plus Apple And Starbucks/T-Mobile Wi-Fi Agreement

We have received word and rumors are spreading that Apple and Starbucks/T-Mobile will be announcing a special deal to allow for iPhone Wi-Fi access at Starbucks/T-Mobile sites. The terms and details of the announcement are not yet known, but we hear that this is going to arrive at the same time that the iTunes storeContinue Reading

Stealing Starbucks’ WiFi Customers

Starbucks clients need not pay the usual $10 per day to connect wirelessly. The said fee is charged by T-Mobile for each customer who wants to sign onto its 5,100 hotspots while they stay at U.S. Starbucks. Madrid-based Wi-Fi provider FON is offering a cheaper plan of $2 per day. The scheme allows owners ofContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Trumps Starbucks

A new study by WiFi Alliance indicates that 89 percent of 549 WiFi users in the U.S. would rather give up Starbucks than lose their wireless connection. Some 92 percent of those aged between 18 and 29 are adamant about keeping their WiFi access. According to Wi-Fi Alliance managing director Frank Hanzlik, young people haveContinue Reading