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iPhone Music Store Plus Apple And Starbucks/T-Mobile Wi-Fi Agreement

We have received word and rumors are spreading that Apple and Starbucks/T-Mobile will be announcing a special deal to allow for iPhone Wi-Fi access at Starbucks/T-Mobile sites. The terms and details of the announcement are not yet known, but we hear that this is going to arrive at the same time that the iTunes storeContinue Reading

T-Mobile USA Launches Home Wi-Fi Calling Service

T-Mobile has an answer for consumers itching to get rid of their landline phone but worry about weak cellular coverage or costs. The No.4 U.S. mobile carrier is now offering a home Wi-Fi calling service, which would make switching calls from cellular networks to Wi-Fi possible, thus boosting indoor coverage. The service will cost subscribersContinue Reading

More Wi-Fi Demanded In T-Mobile Poll

A survey by YouGov revealed that WiFi users hope for more hotspots in more locations. Half of the 253 respondents want WiFi access in trains and a quarter on the tube. Some 86 perecent with laptops, however, do not know how useful having such connection during rush hour. The study also showed that 45 percentContinue Reading

T-Mobile Bets On Wi-Fi, Drops Zeta-Jones

T-Mobile plans to sell new handsets that can make calls though WiFi hotspots. According to sources, the company is testing the service using a Samsung SGH-T709 along with a D-Link TM-G5240 router in the Oregon/Washington area. The carrier also hopes to introduce another product called “My Favs”, which will allow subscribers to choose five numbersContinue Reading

iPass And T-Mobile Agree On Wi-Fi Access Across Europe

T-mobile has teamed up with ipass to allow customers to use other ipass partner companies access points throughout europe. It’s moves like this that make hotspots easier to use. Rather than having to buy 8 different access cards, you just need onecard or code, and only one fee to access hotspots everywhere. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile First To Bridge 3G, EDGE, GPRS, And Wi-Fi

Nortel has provided technology to allow T-mobile that allows seamless roaming between 3G, EDGE, GPRS, and WiFi networks in Europe. No word yet if this ‘always on’ internet experience has an off button. Via []Continue Reading

Fiberlink, T-Mobile Team On Secure Wi-Fi

Fiberlink Communications and T-Mobile announced a partnership that will allow mobile workers to access the T-Mobile HotSpot network via Fiberlink’s mobile access software, Extend360. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile To Boost Its Wi-Fi “HotSpots”

Wi-Fi has seen its share of success and failures. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Steams In With WiMAX, Wi-Fi Train

European rail operators love Wi-Fi. They’re keen on anything that encourages more businesspeople to take the train, and wireless networking is an attractive way to provide paying travellers with ad hoc connections to the internet and company networks. A journey’s duration becomes productive work time, whether it’s part of a daily commute or a longerContinue Reading

T-Mobile Delays 3G Wi-Fi Phone Debut

T-Mobile’s German operation has put back the release of its clamshell 3G-enabled Windows Mobile smart phone to the Autumn, according to the company’s web site. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Unveils 3G PDA, Announces Hot-Spot Network Expansion

T-Mobile Germany has unveiled the MDA IV, a 3G PDA handset that integrates GPRS, UMTS, and WLAN. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Widens UK Airport Wi-Fi Cover

T-Mobile has expanded its initial foothold in the UK’s major airports, extending the reach of its Wi-Fi hotspots to cover the whole of Heathrow, Gatwick and Glasgow airports, along with the international departure lounges at Stansted, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Inks Wi-Fi Roaming Pacts

T-Mobile has struck a deal with six international wireless operators to simplify roaming and billing for travelers using Wi-Fi abroad, the company said Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

T-Mobile Increases Wi-Fi Kit And Zones

T-Mobile has improved its mobile connectivity service by more than tripling the number of Wi-Fi hotspots that can be used by subscribers of its combined 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi service. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Coverage To Get Boost

T-Mobile, Europe’s second-largest mobile phone service provider, is linking up with British fixed-line ally BT Group to triple the number of places in the UK where customers can hook onto local high-speed Internet connections. Via []Continue Reading