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Verizon Opens Up, Will Support Any Device, Any App On Its Network

Verizon has joined the bandwagon and announced a new open access plan for its network. This plan will go into effect next year and means any application can run on any device from any manufacturer and will have full access to the Verizon spectrum. Verizon representatives say this move was prompted by two different motives,Continue Reading

Rural Market Worth $2.67B To Verizon Wireless

Rural residents may finally get the respect and attention they deserve from the communication giants. AT&T recently purchased Dobson Communications for $2.8 million and created some waves among rivals as they too race to develop this previously ignored market. Verizon responded by striking a deal to purchase Rural Cellular for an approximate value of $2.67Continue Reading

Vonage Requests Retrial In Verizon Patent Dispute

Vonage has petitioned the U.S. Appeals Court for the Federal Circuit to defer its appeal and order a retrial of its patent dispute with Verizon. The company cited the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the KSR International v. Teleflex suit, which stated that the current test for patent obviousness is too stiff for suspect patentsContinue Reading

Which Verizon Patents Did Vonage Violate?

Vonage was found guilty of violating three of Verizon’s business method patents. Two of the patents define VoIP traffic and how it’s handled on traditional Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN). The third patent covers the spectrum from wireline to Wi-Fi VoIP support. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon Wireless Crawls To 4G

Verizon is planning to head down the 4G road but which path they’ll take is still uncertain. Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB) is the logical path but not the only option. In fact, at the CTIA Wireless 2007 Conference, Kyle Malady, Vice President of Network Technology Development at Verizon Wireless, stressed that the company feels theyContinue Reading

Verizon Continues High-Speed Wireless Data Rollout

Verizon Wireless is upgrading its network with CDMA 1x EV-DO Revision A to enable faster BroadbandAccess wireless data services in several U.S. cities. The said technology delivers downstream speeds ranging from 450K to 800Kbps and upstream speeds between 300K and 400Kbps. BroadbandAccess subscribers pay a monthly fee starting from $60 — if they already haveContinue Reading

Verizon Embeds 3G For Wi-Fi Challenge

With its 3G data network all dressed up and with nowhere to go, Verizon is courting PC notebook OEMs and cutting prices. Today it announced deals to embed CDMA EV-DO chips with the top three US PC manufacturers, Dell, Lenovo and HP, in their notebook PCs. Verizon’s monthly tariff falls to $60 – half whatContinue Reading

Verizon: Out With Wi-Fi, In With EV-DO

Decision to decommission free hot spots could be a sign that demand for public Wi-Fi is limited, some say. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon Pulling Plug On Free Wi-Fi

Verizon Communications Inc. is turning off the free wireless Internet access it beams from New York City telephone booths for DSL subscribers who use laptops away from home or the office. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon CEO Sounds Off On Wi-Fi

The head of the country’s largest phone company ridiculed San Francisco’s interest in building a municipal Wi-Fi network that is designed to offer cheap or free Internet service throughout the city. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon To Sell Wi-Fi Hotspot Phone From Westell

Verizon Communications Inc. said on Tuesday it signed a multiyear deal with Westell Technologies to sell a phone that integrates a high-speed Internet modem and wireless networking. Via []Continue Reading

Philly, Verizon Strike WiFi Agreement

The city of Philadelphia and Verizon Communications Inc. struck an agreement Tuesday that would allow the city to provide wireless Internet access as a municipal service even if Gov. Ed Rendell signs legislation to give Verizon the power to scuttle the project. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon Wireless’s High-Speed Service Takes On Wi-Fi

Verizon Wireless’s announcement, Wednesday, that it is significantly expanding its 3G footprint raises questions about whether the next-generation wireless data service can co-exist with Wi-Fi hotspots and other technologies. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon 3G Broadband… NOT

Last week Verizon Wireless became the first company to roll out commercial 3G service in the United States. It announced a new CDMA 1xRTT based data service called Express Network.Continue Reading