WiMAX & 3G: Friends Or Foes?

As the WiMAX IEEE standard 802.16e prepares to conquer certification, technology innovators and operators alike are igniting a widespread commitment to bringing the promise of wireless broadband to life. In the midst of this fast race for deployment, however, the question lingers on how WiMAX will co-exist with other mobile technologies. Because the true promise of WiMAX is the fast, seamless and mobile delivery of large data, voice and video streams to a full array of end-user devices, you might believe its benefits sound familiar to 3G and question its necessity or its ability to succeed. The primary difference is, where 3G technology has struggled – such as with benchmark services and applications, backhaul and convergence – WiMAX can provide the necessary support to help augment 3G so it can overcome those challenges.
Via [wirelessweek.com]

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