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Can WiMax Make It In The U.S.?

The deal struck between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire back in July has been scrubbed and the national WiMAX network took a hit. Both companies say they will continue to work on the technology independently. Although both companies appear committed to developing WiMAX, their shareholders may actually hold the reins as huge sums of money areContinue Reading

Clearwire, Sprint Call Their Deal Off

The recent departure of Sprint CEO, Gary Forsee, is having some far reaching impact. The WiMAX build out between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire is the latest victim as the proposed joint, nationwide WiMAX effort has been dropped. Sprint’s corporate shake up was not the only reason the proposed venture was nixed,the complexities of the transactionContinue Reading


WiMAX has a reason to celebrate. The International Telecommunications Union has just approved the non-cellular technology as part of a 3G standard. This means that operators with 3G spectrum in their 2.5 GHz bands globally can use WiMAX to build out a spectrum. The last interface added was back in 1999 when ITU added IMT-2000Continue Reading

WiMAX Backers Positioning 802.16e As An Alternative To Municipal WiFi

Chicago’s WiMAX World show displayed a large rift between Mobile WiMAX supporters and municipal WiFi. With continued problems halting all progress in the municipal WiFi world, WiMAX supports say they have the solutions. They contend that their licensed spectrum will guarantee continuous coverage and that indoor reception will not be as problematic as it isContinue Reading

Sprint’s New WiMax To Be Called ‘Xohm’

Sprint’s new WiMAX has a name…Xohm. The company feels the X at the beginning of Xohm gives it an edgy feel but notes the pronounciation is like “home” but with a “z” sound at the beginning. However, the announcement of the name isn’t the only leap the company is taking. They also plan on rollingContinue Reading

Sprint To Offer WiMAX-enabled Linux Tablet

LinuxDevices has discovered that Sprint will be offering an internet tablet similar to Nokia’s N800 next year. This addition to the Mobile WiMAX market will take advantage of Sprint’s 4G wireless services, which may reach more than 100 million people by 2008. In 2006 Sprint announced their plans to begin the 4G nationwide broadband mobileContinue Reading

AT&T Lights Up WiMax In Juneau

Juneau, Alaska residents can now avail of wireless WiMax-based broadband Internet service from AT&T Inc.’s subsidiary AT&T Alascom for $19.95 per month. The company said it is its first venture as part of a statewide plan to broaden broadband coverage via WiMax. The Juneau network will use Alvarion Ltd. equipment and will blanket the Douglas,Continue Reading

Ofcom Spectrum Auction To Spark UK Mobile WiMax Scramble

Mobile WiMax is set to begin a battle with Wi-Fi and 3G networks in the UK. Nortel is pairing with Urban WiMax and Macropolitan to lead the way in this new venture. The companies recently held a conference between the UK, Canada and the US using this technology on their laptops. Other trials are expectedContinue Reading

Clearwire Enhances WiMax Plan With Satellite Deal

Clearwire has recently announced that its WiMax wireless broadband service will be offered to subscribers of DirecTV and EchoStar. This cross marketing deal is expected to go into effect by the end of this year and will let each of the three companies create a very strong marketing bundle for their consumers. WiMax companies areContinue Reading

Sprint Nextel Considers How To Fund WiMax Rollout

The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint Nextel is seeking new ways to fund its WiMax deployment project. The company, in August last year, announced plans to build a $3 billion WiMax network but with high wireless-customer churn rates and a declining stock price, securing capital investment is proving to be a challenge for Sprint.Continue Reading

WiMAX Comes Of Age In Asia

With plans by over 200 operators worldwide to deploy WiMAX this year, it is no wonder TeleGeography Research touted 2007 as “the year WiMAX finally comes of age.” This is particularly true in Asia. Nortel is collaborating with Toshiba and a unit at the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to provide WiMAX serviceContinue Reading

WiMAX Services To Launch In Uganda Soon

Uganda will see its first WiMax service by the fourth quarter of 2007. Wateen Telecom is nearly done with a similar network in Pakistan, where coverage will extend over 22 cities. Its sister company, Warid Telecom, will start offering GSM service at the same time as the WiMax implementation as “the licence in Uganda coversContinue Reading

WiMax In Your Pocket

A new study by In-Stat shows that more Americans prefer WiMax over 3G and Wi-Fi. Of the 1,200 surveyed, 50 percent affirmed they are willing to leave their current broadband provider for another if the latter can offer a wireless broadband package. In addition, many lose their interest in 3G/cellular due to the price ofContinue Reading

Taking Wireless To The WiMax

Chicago is about to become one of the first cities where people can stay connected wherever they go. This next generation of computer communications allows users to stay connected wirelessly to the Internet as they travel through the city. Motorola Inc. has constructed this technology and handed the reigns over to Sprint Nextel Corp. whoContinue Reading

Wireless Industry Gears Up For WiMax

This week, carriers and equipment vendors are converging in Orlando, Florida for the CTIA Wireless 2007 trade show. Mohammad Shakouri, vice president of marketing for the Wimax Forum, expects WiMax to be the main topic of talks, similar to what happened in the 3 GSM World Congress in Barcelona last month. Some vendors plan toContinue Reading