WiFi Versus 3G: Let Battle Commence!

With the increasing use of wireless networks, experts are debating which technology, Wi-Fi or 3G, would be the best option. The Cloud chief operating officer Bobby Sarin believes laptops and devices would soon be able to use both types of networks but it would all depend on the cost. Toby Wright, who heads the content technology services for Reuters in Europe, said reliability is more important than network speed, thus making 3G/GPRS a better choice than Wi-Fi because this would ensure that users will still have connection even when they are away from city hubs. Anurag Lal, senior vice-president for business development at iPass, expects laptops and devices with multi-mode capability to soon enable users to move between HSDPA, Wimax, and Wi-Fi networks without difficulty. But this may not be that easy for enterprises wanting to cut their mobile phone bills through the use of dual-mode handsets as “operators will configure handsets to always prefer a cellular connection,” according to Lal.
Via [vnunet.com]

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