WiMax Spectrum Row Heats Up

The latest statement from the GSM Association did not sit well with WiMax supporters. The association is urging European Commission regulators to restrict the so-called 3G extension bands — particularly 2.5-2.690 GHz — to “the IMT-2000 family of technologies.” The plea ensued from proposals labeling certain bands as “technology neutral.” David Pringle of the GSM Association said: “If it’s used for lots of different technologies then anybody trying to manufacture equipment for those spectrum bands is going to be dealing with a fragmented market. If it’s harmonised, that creates the economies of scale that manufacturers enjoy with GSM.” Paul Senior, vice president of marketing for WiMax vendor Airspan, believes the association’s move is “blocking [WiMax] from becoming an IMT-2000 technology.” Last December, the WiMax Forum asked the E.C. to free up the 2.5-2.69 GHz band so as to “enable innovation and competition in personal broadband services.” Senior feels the commission will side with the pro-3G group.
Via [news.zdnet.co.uk]

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