Wi-Fi Vs. The Terrorists

Anvil Technologies performed a demonstration of its Wi-Fi-supported emergency communications system at the Aldwych subway station in central London. The event took place a year after the London subway bombings, to which the response was considered generally efficient except for the difficulty of communication among the first responder groups. The Canadian wireless systems integrator worked with U.K. satellite services company Primetech to set up a network at the station, which took no longer than 10 minutes. The RECoN, according to Anvil, is designed to provide a framework that will allow for integration of various products. For the demonstration, the network used wireless equipment from Rajant Corp. and Trilogy Communications, streaming video technology from Mobile Data Exchange (MDEX), and document management from Mindoka. Anvil revealed that police and intelligence organizations in the U.S. and Canada already purchased the system.
Via [wi-fiplanet.com]

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