French Wi-Fi Bunny Hopes To Conquer America

An appearance on CNN by French entrepreneur Rafi Haladjian last December generated 350,000 online requests from Americans for more information on his invention, Nabaztag. The WiFi-supported 9-inch tall rabbit, which lights up when it talks, wiggles its ears and sings songs, is not yet available in the U.S. European consumers have bought 50,000 units since the French bunny’s market debut last year. Haladjian’s goal is to add 150,000 in sales by the end of 2006, a further 400,000 in 2007 and another 2 million by 2008. The 115-euro gadget also performs basic Internet feed like weather forecasts, stock market performance and selected e-mail reading for free and enables text messaging for a fee.
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