WLANs Break The Enterprise Security Model

Aruba CEO Dominic Orr expects wireless connectivity to become a standard segment of enterprise net infrastructure and will therefore be less interesting. Orr said: “‘WLAN’ is, if not dead, then uninteresting. Once it’s ‘spec-able’ by the IEEE, most of the profit goes to the silicon makers. Eighteen months after 802.11n is standardized, the WLAN is no longer an interesting business. It’s a very small window, and it’s quickly being commoditized.” Orr believes, however, that such development brings challenges to traditional conventions and architectures for network authentication and security. “The security architecture for wired nets, based on using physical port-based conventions, won’t work. You need specific, user-oriented identification, content and location data [to secure the net],” he added.
Via [networkworld.com]

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