Q&A: Wi-Fi Alliance Exec Explains About-face On 802.11n Standard

The Wi-Fi Alliance has repealed its earlier decision not to perform interoperability testing of 100+Mbit/s wireless LAN gear through final ratification of the 802.11n standard. Instead, according to WFA Managing Director Frank Hanzlik, the group will undertake a two-phase certification for 802.11n — the first leg will involve certification of products based on the standard’s progress in the first half of 2007 and the next phase will see certification concurrent with the final approval of the IEEE. Hanzlik said the alliance had to make the decision to avoid confusion in the market, which is now teeming with pre-standard products. Another consideration, he said, is the possible delay in the ratification, which is likely to take place in March 2008, a year later than originally planned. Hanzlik sees the first testing to happen by June 2007 or even earlier.
Via [computerworld.com]

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