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What Threats Does Skype Face?

Skype’s chief security officer assured that the popular Internet telephony application has robust protection. Kurt Sauer credited this to better organization for developing actual codes. Today, he is requiring more peer review of software ahead of the final release. He said Skype hopes to collaborate with companies such as antivirus vendors to ensure protection ofContinue Reading

Q&A: Wi-Fi Alliance Exec Explains About-face On 802.11n Standard

The Wi-Fi Alliance has repealed its earlier decision not to perform interoperability testing of 100+Mbit/s wireless LAN gear through final ratification of the 802.11n standard. Instead, according to WFA Managing Director Frank Hanzlik, the group will undertake a two-phase certification for 802.11n — the first leg will involve certification of products based on the standard’sContinue Reading

Wireless Pioneer Reflects On Roots, Looks To WiMax

Cell phone pioneer Craig McCaw on Wednesday discussed Cingular Wireless’ acquisition of AT&T’s wireless division, harking back to the 1994 sale of his company to Ma Bell. Via []Continue Reading

Seybold: PDA Users Will Support Wi-Fi Costs

While high-speed wireless data networks are evolving rapidly, it is PDA users, not laptop PC users, who will make these systems profitable and productive, according to mobile computing pioneer Andrew Seybold. Via []Continue Reading

Airespace’s Mission: Lead Wireless Access Pack

Last year, the wireless LAN industry was inundated with startups hoping to make their mark with centralized wireless LAN management platforms. Today, major incumbent WLAN players such as Cisco Systems Inc. and Symbol Technologies Inc. consider just two of those startups as formidable competition: Aruba Wireless Networks Inc. and Airespace Inc., both of which reportedContinue Reading

Interview: Motia CEO Talks About Smart Antenna Technology

US-based fabless IC design house Motia develops smart antenna products for use in wireless solutions. The company has two smart antenna ICs, the “Cross Country,” for use in moving vehicles, and the “Javelin,” for Wi-Fi solutions. DigiTimes interviewed company CEO and president Paul Sun, to talk about the technology and market demand for this typeContinue Reading

Interview With Frank Hanzlik, Managing Director Of Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance selected Taiwan as its first stop when it kicked off its 2004 visit to the Asia-Pacific region on July 19. DigiTimes took the opportunity to interview Frank Hanzlik, managing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance, to talk about how Wi-Fi certification will strengthen the consumer electronics market. Via []Continue Reading

Q&A With Boingo Wireless’ Sky Dayton

The Wi-Fi-network aggregator’s founder sees unlimited potential for the technology — if it gets much easier to use. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security, Not Cost, Will Drive Business Take-up, Claims BT Wireless Chief

Cutting the price of Wi-Fi will not encourage more people to use it, claimed BT Group head of Wi-Fi Chris Clark. Via []Continue Reading

How-To’s Of Wi-Fi

Thinking of taking the plunge? BW’s Steve Wildstrom has some tips for newbies to the world of the wireless Internet. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Buyer Beware

Wi-Fi security is complicated, and it takes a lot of work to implement it right. If not done correctly, WPA and WEP may work on your device but will not interoperate with others. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi’s Biggest Fan

Dennis Eaton, chairman of the Wi-Fi Alliance, has turned his love of wireless into the pursuit of safe, interoperable enterprise gear. Via []Continue Reading

Interview With Jon Edney, Author Of “Real 802.11 Security”

Jon Edney specializes in wireless networking and is a key contributor to the development of IEEE 802.11 systems. As a member of the technology consultancy Symbionics Networks, he deployed the first low-cost 802.11 designs. Via []Continue Reading