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Faster Testing Could Mean More Certified Wi-Fi

Azimuth Systems has released a new test suite that could reduce the testing time for WiFi products by two-thirds. WiFi Alliance’s Authorized Test Laboratories worldwide will use the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite. Azimuth vice president of marketing Jeff Abramowitz estimated that testing will take between four and five hours. Although the laboratories have yetContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance To Certify Pre-Standard 802.11n Products

The WiFi Alliance plans to certify the interoperability of draft-n products ahead of the full approval of the 802.11n standard. Under the two-phase certification program, the alliance will begin testing the products including baseline features from the standard in the first half of 2007 while the next phase will involve the final ratification, which isContinue Reading

Q&A: Wi-Fi Alliance Exec Explains About-face On 802.11n Standard

The Wi-Fi Alliance has repealed its earlier decision not to perform interoperability testing of 100+Mbit/s wireless LAN gear through final ratification of the 802.11n standard. Instead, according to WFA Managing Director Frank Hanzlik, the group will undertake a two-phase certification for 802.11n — the first leg will involve certification of products based on the standard’sContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Plans For The Future

The Wi-Fi Alliance, the industry consortium that acts as promoter and tester of interoperability between wireless LAN equipment makers, has seen the writing on the wall. Vendors have not been touting the Wi-Fi Certified stamp of approval as they once were—a fact that has not escaped notice. So the group is making plans to stayContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance To Promote WLAN Security

The Wi-Fi Alliance will use its pull in the industry to improve security measures in wireless LAN hardware over the next year. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Co-Founder: Wireless Networking Ready For Enterprise Adoption

Businesses skittish about jumping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon because of security and reliability concerns should stop worrying. Via []Continue Reading

Where Is Wi-Fi QoS?

At the Internet Telephony show in Los Angeles last month, it was fitting that the subject of QoS came up often. During the Wi-Fi conference track, someone joked that the IEEE 802.11e QoS standard “has been six to nine months away – for five to six years.” Via []Continue Reading

11n Wireless Lans Get ‘Wait For It’ Warning

Companies tempted to jump the gun on the next-generation 802.11n wireless networking standard have received a warning shot across the bows from the Wifi Alliance, the body that certifies compliant products. Via []Continue Reading

Belkin Out On A Limb With 802.11n?

What exactly provoked the WiFi Alliance to threaten to withdraw its imprimatur from anybody who started announcing 802.11n technology? An obvious suspect has to be whoever it is who is offering “pre-N” technology, eh, Belkin? Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Targets Wi-Fi-cellular Convergence

The Wi-Fi Alliance has formed a group to study the specific implications for Wi-Fi of continuing Wi-Fi/cellular convergence. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Tough Talk Is Good News

Aggressive marketing can poison the market – so the Wi-Fi Alliance’s tough stance will benefit us all. Via []Continue Reading

Pre-certified 802.11n Vendors Risk Red Card

Having seen vendors disappoint customers with pre-certified 802.11g kit that didn’t do the job, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced tighter rules for 802.11n. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Puts Limits On ‘Pre-n’ Equipment

The Wi-Fi Alliance stressed Monday that it will not support pre-standard 802.11n equipment and may, under certain circumstances, revoke existing certification of WLAN equipment that deploys so-called “pre-N” technology. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance Certifies Wi-Fi Multimedia

The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced that it is now certifying a new capability that is expected to set the stage for rapid adoption of Wi-Fi networking in consumer electronic devices such as DVD players and televisions. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Alliance To Announce Interim Multimedia Spec

Next week, the Wi-Fi Alliance will release Wi-Fi Multimedia, or WMM, an interim standard that will provide early quality-of-service functionality for multimedia equipment based on the emerging 802.11e specification. Via []Continue Reading