Broadcom Wi-Fi Router Touts Integration

Broadcom has unveiled an 802.11g Wi-Fi chip that will provide full Layer 3 routing. By integrating a 54g radio and a medium access control block with an Ethernet switch and a MIPS processor, the BCM5354 can generate and connect to multiple networks through a sole access point via multi-BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) software.

Lenovo, according to the company, will use Broadcom’s Intensi-fi 802.11n chip sets to allow its N100 widescreen notebook computer and certain 3000-family notebook computers to access dual-band 802.11a/g/n services and enable Bluetooth and Ethernet capabilities.

Buffalo Inc. also opted for Broadcom’s reference design for use in Skype Wi-Fi phones. The design calls for the combination of BCM1161 VoIP processor and the AirForce One BCM4318E 54g chip. The Skype-certified Buffalo handsets are expected to hit the Japanese market this month.
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