Poor Business Case Could Hobble WiMax

Analysts at Sound Partners Ltd believe the success of WiMax will depend on business cases. Drs Mark Heath and Alastair Brydon wrote a report entitled The Business Case For WiMax, wherein they predicted that WiMax will lose to DSL in developed countries, particularly with the increased capability and reach of DSL services. The report also debunks the opinion that the developing world will embrace WiMax due to “lack of a viable fixed network alternative.” Heath and Brydon expect deploying WiMax to be costly and therefore face stiff competition from low-cost cellular service. The authors, thus, recommended that WiMax vendors and the WiMax Forum “develop more detailed business cases for the strongest market opportunities” and that “regulators in developed countries, seeking to foster competition in the broadband market … focus primarily on stimulating DSL competition.”
Via [news.zdnet.co.uk]

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