Mobile WiMax To Be Rolled Out In China Next Year

Samsung Electronics disclosed that it has already sold mobile WiMax equipment to a client in China and will provide similar equipment to another. Hwan Woo Chung, a vice president at Samsung’s Mobile WiMax Group, declined to state the clients’ names and just told delegates to a conference in Singapore to “see early next year what will happen there.” The first customer, Chung said, has no plan to deploy a nationwide mobile WiMax network but will employ the technology for “special applications” in several Chinese provinces.

Samsung offers mobile WiMax technology with downlink speeds of up to 10.2Mbps, which can travel at 120 kilometers per hour. The company expects such speeds to increase to nearly 40Mbps by the third quarter of 2007. Chungs said Samsung has over 20 existing contracts for mobile WiMax trial networks this year.
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