WiMax – Ready To Take On Cellular?

The WiMax World event has one message: both fixed and mobile WiMax are real and companies are ready to supply the market with products using the technology. Mobile WiMax, in particular, is expected to become a hit in 2007 and seen as a major rival to cellular technologies such as EV-DO Revisions B and C and 3GPP’s Long Term Evolution. Participants to the event also see a massive uptake in WiMax in Asia next year and in the U.S. by 2008.

Among the vendors at the show include Motorola, which put its mobile WiMax equipment on display. Chip makers Beceem, Intel, Runcom and Texas Instruments were also present. Metro-scale Wi-Fi vendors also participated in the event: ADC showed a weatherized variant of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Array, and Siemens brought its BelAir product. Wireless solutions vendor picoChip unveiled a reference design for a single-board “femtocell” implementation, which could allow for the deployment of metro-scale WiMax in cheap, limited-range mesh nodes with correspondent customer premises equipment.
Via [techworld.com]

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