Skype Revamps SkypeOut Plans Again

Skype revised its pricing structure to allow U.S. and Canadian customers to make calls for free. The changes apply to the Skype Unlimited Calling plan, which costs $29.95 per year. Those who would subscribe to the plan before January 31 will only pay half the said price or only $14.95. In addition, users calling a mobile or landline phone in the U.S. or Canada would not incur additional cost. However, if they call overseas, they will will have to pay a flat-rate “connection fee” per call of $0.039. For European users, Skype imposes EUR 0.039, exclusive of value-added tax, per call. This new scheme along with “Skype Pro” package in Europe and Asia are part of Skype’s plan to remove per-minute fees for SkypeOut calls and instead charge users with a connection fee.
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