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Does Skype’s Windows Update Story Fly?

Skype’s explanation on the service’s recent two-day blackout was met with skepticism. In a statement, the VoIP provider said: “The disruption was triggered by a massive restart of our users’ computers across the globe within a very short timeframe as they re-booted after receiving a routine set of patches through Windows Update.” Windows maker, Microsoft,Continue Reading

Skype Gets A Tongue Lashing

Skype made a bold move in February and filed a petition with the FCC requesting they apply their consumer broadband principals to the wireless industry. The response? Verizon Wireless, AT&T and CTIA are fighting back. These carriers claim spectrum limitations and unique network management issues. Also, because VoIP is not optimized for wireless it consumesContinue Reading

Skype Your Way To Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese is now made easy by Skype. Stephanie Xu from Beijing has been teaching Chinese for over a month now and lauded the high sound quality of the VoIP application. Xu charges 80 renminbi for her online tutorial sessions or 20 renminbi less than what her offline students pay. The reason: it saves herContinue Reading

Skype 2.6 Beta Released For OS X

Mac users can now download the new version of Skype for their OS. According to Skype’s website, the new 2.6 beta offers “improved audio quality” and enables users to transfer calls to their contacts. The call forwarding ability is exclusive to this version. Other new features include typing indicators, dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signals in Skype-to-SkypeContinue Reading

Is Skype Secure Enough For Businesses?

Some security experts doubt that Skype is the best way to go for businesses. According to Gartner research director Lawrence Orans, Skype’s reliance on a proprietary signaling protocol makes it vulnerable, as standard firewall products cannot be used to secure it. The code, he said, has problems and Skype “has not shown enterprise-level capabilities inContinue Reading

Learning Chinese The Skype Way

Skype renders a virtual classroom for people wanting to learn a new language. London-based stand-up comic Tommy Campbell sits down for Mandarin lessons, three hours every week, with Lily Huang, a mother of one and a qualified English teacher who resides in the Chinese province of Hainan. Huang charges $20 per hour of lesson, whichContinue Reading

China Passes U.S. As Skype’s Top Market

China has replaced the U.S. as the top market for Skype. The VoIP provider ascribed the current expansion of its market in Asia — home to 30 percent of its 171 million global subscribers — to the growing popularity of the service in China. For its China operations, Skype partnered with Tom Online Inc., whichContinue Reading

Panasonic Intros $400 Wi-Fi Skype Phone

Panasonic has unveiled its new Wi-Fi Skype phone, which it plans to sell for $399.95. The KX-WP1050 Panasonic Wi-Fi Phone kit features a cordless handset with a 1.8-inch LCD display for viewing Skype contact lists, call histories, and address books, a wireless base station with 256-bit AES encryption (WPA) to ensure security of calls, andContinue Reading

How Skype Is Collecting Private User Data

Kurt Sauer, Skype’s Chief Security Officer, has issued a statement clarifying the company’s process for collecting private user data. According to Sauer, Skype has a license for an EasyBits plug-in manager software framework, which manages the Extras Gallery of Skype for Windows. The EasyBits software houses digital rights management functionality that allows for protection ofContinue Reading

Skype Asks FCC To Open Up Cellular Networks

Skype has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission to remove restrictions by wireless phone carriers on the kind of software communications applications that their subscribers want to use. The company requested the agency to apply the “Carterfone” decision to the wireless industry. The said rule permits consumers to connect any device to aContinue Reading

Skype Phone Arrives With No String Attached

RTX has unveiled its new cordless Skype handset. Dualphone 3088 removes the need for users to turn on their PCs to enable Skype connection since the base station connects to a broadband router/modem via an Ethernet cable, rather than to a USB link at the back of a PC. When switched on, Dualphone 3088 initiallyContinue Reading

Ignore The Skype Hype

People who find using Skype to contact landline or mobile phones expensive can use other methods to save on call fees. Both parties can call for free if they have instant messaging applications such as MSN Messenger downloaded on their computers, plus a headset with microphone., meanwhile, allows anyone from North America, Australasia andContinue Reading

What Threats Does Skype Face?

Skype’s chief security officer assured that the popular Internet telephony application has robust protection. Kurt Sauer credited this to better organization for developing actual codes. Today, he is requiring more peer review of software ahead of the final release. He said Skype hopes to collaborate with companies such as antivirus vendors to ensure protection ofContinue Reading

Skype: No Cell Phone Now

High carrier fees are preventing the massive adoption of Skype’s Internet telephone service via cellphone, according to Eric Lagier, who heads Skype’s hardware and software business development division. Skype users can call each other for free via broadband Internet connection and only pay a small amount for calls to normal phones. But most telecommunications networkContinue Reading

Skype Revamps SkypeOut Plans Again

Skype revised its pricing structure to allow U.S. and Canadian customers to make calls for free. The changes apply to the Skype Unlimited Calling plan, which costs $29.95 per year. Those who would subscribe to the plan before January 31 will only pay half the said price or only $14.95. In addition, users calling aContinue Reading