VoIP Systems Extend Workers’ Reach

Reducing communication costs is not the only advantage to using VoIP. Some companies are now opting for the technology because it allows them to reach their employees even when they are not in the office or on the phone.

Jon Levey, broker/owner of ReMax Real Estate Advocate in Lincoln Park, Chicago is thanking the hosted VoIP telecommunications system from local firm Geckotech for not only saving him thousands of dollars but also helping him attract and retain real estate agents. For a flat monthly fee ranging from $35 to $55 per phone, companies subscribed to Geckotech’s solution get unlimited calling privilege and access to a variety of services including “Find Me/Follow Me,” which reroutes calls to a phone number of choice by the user. Sphere Communications’ VoIP system can also perform such service and be dovetailed with a company’s e-mail, customer-relationship marketing databases, and accounting and human resources applications to boost communication within and productivity of the organization.

Because of the advances, the growth of the VoIP market is expected to be sustained. According to Boston-based research firm Yankee Group, this section will see a compounded annual growth rate of 31 percent, reaching nearly $3.3 billion by 2010 from $840 million in 2005. Hosted VoIP will have the fastest expansion with $1.2 billion in 2010, or 400 percent greater than the 2005 level.
Via [chicagotribune.com]

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