Siemens Teams With Nokia On Wi-Fi-GSM Handover

Siemens and Nokia are collaborating to perfect the handover of voice calls between corporate Wi-Fi and GSM networks. The two companies will work on certifying the compatibility of software in their products for business clients such as Nokia’s E-series mobile phones and Siemens’ fixed-mobile convergence server called MobileConnect, which is compatible with its HiPath 8000 SoftSwitch. According to Marcus Birkl, vice president of sales for HiPath Wireless LAN at Siemens, Nokia will send some of its handsets to Siemens laboratories for interoperability and quality-of-service tests. To date, Nokia’s E60 phone has been certified to be compatible with MobileConnect, and two other E-series phones, the E61 and E70, are now being tested in Siemens labs.
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