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Sprint To Offer WiMAX-enabled Linux Tablet

LinuxDevices has discovered that Sprint will be offering an internet tablet similar to Nokia’s N800 next year. This addition to the Mobile WiMAX market will take advantage of Sprint’s 4G wireless services, which may reach more than 100 million people by 2008. In 2006 Sprint announced their plans to begin the 4G nationwide broadband mobileContinue Reading

Siemens Teams With Nokia On Wi-Fi-GSM Handover

Siemens and Nokia are collaborating to perfect the handover of voice calls between corporate Wi-Fi and GSM networks. The two companies will work on certifying the compatibility of software in their products for business clients such as Nokia’s E-series mobile phones and Siemens’ fixed-mobile convergence server called MobileConnect, which is compatible with its HiPath 8000Continue Reading

Nokia Signs On To Help With Sprint Nextel’s WiMax Deployment

Sprint named Nokia as its main partner in building its WiMax network in four Texas cities — Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio — which is expected to be operational by the first half of next year. Sprint earlier announced that it is teaming up with Motorola and Samsung to provide WiMax connection inContinue Reading

Intel’s Next-gen Notebooks To Feature Nokia Chip

Intel looks to introduce Nokia’s 3G chip and improved graphics support for Microsoft’s Windows Vista in its next-generation motherboards for notebooks. According to Dadi Perlmutter, who heads Intel’s mobility group, the Santa Rosa package will hit the market in the first half of next year. The company also plans a 2007 release for a newContinue Reading

Nokia Starts Tests Of Wi-Fi Internet Mobile Calls

Nokia has began a trial of unlicensed mobile access or UMA in Oulu near the polar circle in northern Finland. Subscribers with UMA-enabled handsets can make Internet calls when they are within the coverage of an unlicensed wireless network such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When they leave such range, the calls will automatically shift toContinue Reading

Nokia Brings Wi-Fi To Central Park

Nokia’s found a great way to sell phones in New York — offer free Wi-Fi Internet access networks in 10 major city parks (including Central Park), and make sure park visitors need one of your phones to tap into the service. Users need a phone like the Nokia N80 and N91 or the Nokia 770Continue Reading

Nokia Pushes Cellular-Wi-Fi Convergence At 3GSM

Nokia announced a host of initiatives in seamless connectivity between cellular and WiFi networks as well as cooperation with other handset makers on interoperability of DVB-H compliant handsets and networks on the opening day of the 3GSM World Congress here. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Earmarks 2008 For Mobile WiMax

Nokia is holding fire on mobile WiMax until 2008 as it waits for the market to develop. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Unveils Smart Phone

Nokia has added the Nokia 9300i to its line of smart phones aimed at enterprise business users. The phone supports Wi-Fi, features a full keyboard and has 80MB of memory. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Aims For Wireless Sweet Spot

The Nokia 770 is not a cell phone, nor a shrunken laptop. Instead, this nifty little handheld tablet computer is designed to do one thing well: Access the Web, anywhere. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Gets Aggressive On Wi-Fi

Nokia has confirmed that it will no longer release business phones without Wi-Fi capability. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Completes Mobile WiMax Data Call

Nokia today announced that its researchers in Germany have completed a data call over its mobile WiMax 802.16e technology development system. Via []Continue Reading

WiMax Is Hype, Says Nokia

The tech industry is getting overheated about the long-range broadband access technology WiMax, according to one Nokia exec. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia And Intel Push To Get WiMAX Out This Year

Mobile phone and network company Nokia and chip giant Intel said on Friday they would step up their efforts and collaboration to make WiMAX a new standard in mobile broadband Internet access. Via []Continue Reading

Nokia Joins WWiSE Consortium To Develop Wi-Fi Standard

The World Wide Spectrum Efficiency (WWiSE) consortium, a group of 13 companies developing a complete proposal for the IEEE 802.11 Task Group N (TGn), has announced that Nokia has joined and supports its proposal. Via []Continue Reading