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IT Managers Ready Defenses Against Flaw In Wireless LANs

Information technology managers last week said a denial-of-service vulnerability that affects some Wi-Fi wireless LANs could force companies to develop new skills and rethink the way their networks are set up. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi, Wide Area Switching Arrives

After two years of promises from the wireless industry, Broadbeam appears to be the first player to deliver seamless switching between wide area and wireless local area (Wi-Fi) networks. Via []Continue Reading

Putting The ‘Enterprise’ Into Wireless LANs

While a basic, single access point WLAN servicing a handful of clients is simplicity itself, expanding that network with a second access point causes an immediate spike in complexity. Via []Continue Reading

RogueWatch Does The Watching For You

The rogue access point creates many problems for IT professionals. Whether good intentioned or not, users can create a real security nightmare when they attempt to piggyback onto your network. Via []Continue Reading

Cheap Software Will Wipe Out Wireless Switches

As if wireless switch makers didn’t have enough troubles, there’s competition coming up from below, in the form of a $3,000 software product whose vendors reckon it can pretty much do the job of wireless switches costing $20,000 or more. Via []Continue Reading

SIM Authentication For WiFi’s Tested

Tatara Systems says that the company’s SIM-based Wi-Fi authentication, roaming and service delivery solutions have been proven in a real-world environment. Tatara’s SIM-based authentication solutions facilitate easier authentication and delivery of enhanced services to wireless users roaming between wireless local area networks (LANs) and wireless wide area networks (WANs). Via []Continue Reading

Wireless LAN Manager Links Sites

A new wireless LAN access point is designed so that users in remote offices can be managed by a wireless switch in a central site. Via []Continue Reading

Three Vendors Aim To Cut The Cost Of Enterprise Wi-Fi

A trio of wireless LAN vendors have put together a loose coalition of complementary products that it claims has enough RF smarts to see off competition from Wi-Fi specialists, at the same time as undercutting Cisco’s pricey offering. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi For Dummies

You want a home wireless network, but you’re afraid it won’t work. Here’s how to do it right. Via []Continue Reading