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Wireless Laptops At Democratic Convention Pose Big Risk

Next week, thousands will gather in Boston for the Democratic National Convention, many of them armed with wireless-enabled laptops that could present major security problems, a Boston-area firm said Thursday. Via []Continue Reading

Laziness Puts Wi-Fi Security At Risk

When wireless networking first kicked off in the corporate world a couple of years ago, I honestly thought the concept of loitering outside with a Wi-Fi portable scrumping for free access would be incredibly short-lived. Via []Continue Reading

Aruba Announces Beta Trials Of Centralised 802.11i Network

Aruba kicks off trials of a secure, centrally managed 802.11i Wi-Fi installation. Via []Continue Reading

What About Wireless Management Tools?

From an operations point of view, IT managers should treat wireless network infrastructure equipment in the same way as wire-line equipment. Doing so makes managing a wireless network a lot less cumbersome and a lot less expensive. Via []Continue Reading

Open Source WLAN Analyzers

ISPs looking for an open source WLAN analyzer have plenty of options. Via []Continue Reading

Bluesocket Scans The Spectrum For Wardriving

Security firm Bluesocket has launched a product that aims to protect an enterprise’s wireless networks from unwanted visitors. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Fortifies WLAN Security

Cisco Systems Inc. is preparing to introduce products to its WLAN line that add support for AES, among other security and management features. Via []Continue Reading

Security Concerns Still Plague Wireless Take-up

‘Be afraid, be very afraid’ is the attitude of many companies when faced with the prospect of using a wireless network. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi To Get Print Services

With the promise of the paperless office still light years away, Silex Technology will introduce in the fourth quarter its WiPrint device, a wireless print hardware and software solution for sending print jobs over the air to standard printers. Via []Continue Reading

Feelings Of Insecurity

It’s been said by some that the problems with security in wireless networks are no longer an issue — the tools are available to fix anything that could come up. Whether encrypting your own traffic with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or virtual private networks (VPNs), or running a full fledged intrusion detection system (IDS) toContinue Reading

Tropos Upgrade Will Allow Bigger Wi-Fi Networks

Tropos Networks today unveiled an upgraded Version 3 of its system, a feat that will allow the company to target bigger and more densely populated metro areas with its widescale Wi-Fi solution. Via []Continue Reading

Interlink Brings Enterprise Wi-Fi Security To SMBs

Interlink Networks rolled out Monday a software-based wireless security product that aims to bring high-end enterprise security to small businesses in a setup that’s as easy to configure as security codes in a garage door opener. Via []Continue Reading

Windows XP Bedevils Wi-Fi Users

Kevin Gilmore is a network administrator at MicroDisplay, a small company in San Pablo, California, that uses several Wi-Fi access points to give employees the freedom to roam around the office with their laptops while remaining connected to the Internet. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Attacks And Penetration Testing (Part 1 Of 3)

The very idea of a wireless network introduces multiple venues for attack and penetration that are either much more difficult or completely impossible to execute with a standard, wired network. Wireless networks only know the boundaries of their own signal: streets, parks, nearby buildings, and cars all offer a virtual “port” into your wireless network.Continue Reading

CA Unveils Wireless Site Management

The product is designed to help address many of the management and security issues; the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Universal Heath Services are among the beta testers. Via []Continue Reading