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There’s Wi-Fi In ‘Team’

AirWave Wireless and AirMagnet are combining their respective Wi-Fi products and offering them up to joint customers, the companies announced today. The cooperative solution comes as market watchers and industry experts have called for a shaking out in the Wi-Fi vendor industry. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security Review: AirMagnet

Wireless networking has rapidly become the new way to upgrade systems and networks. It offers freedom of movement and flexibility in changing enterprise environments. Unfortunately, when the 802.11 protocol was developed, little thought went towards security. What security was applied — specifically WEP — was quickly broken. Today, it’s widely recognized that WEP provides littleContinue Reading

Start-up Ups Ante On Wi-Fi Security

AirMagnet is taking intrusion detection and prevention a step further in the wireless local area network market with a new version of its software that can block and disable rogue users. Via []Continue Reading

AirMagnet 1.2 Reveals WLAN Trouble Spots

AirMagnet 1.2 is a no-frills wireless sniffer for the Pocket PC platform from startup AirMagnet. The sniffer is easy to use right out of the box, and in eWeek Labs’ tests the system provided consistently accurate information about WLAN traffic. AirMagnet is a great choice for network managers who need to perform wireless site surveysContinue Reading