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Netgear’s Newest MIMO Wi-Fi Gets Full Test

The test is a disaster for the IEEE and 802.11n. The good news is that the new Wi-Fi MIMO technology really does reach throughput speeds of 100Mbps. The bad news: it utterly crushed a neighbouring network that used standard 802.11g. Via []Continue Reading

Freeware Detects Insecure Wireless Networks

Wireless networking has become a convenient way to connect computers without the hassle of running cable between machines. But if it’s not properly secured, it can be a loophole through which crackers can hijack free network access. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Found

Wi-Fi finders can save those seeking wireless connectivity on the road a lot of time. In mere seconds, you can scan for the presence of an 802.11 network without having to boot up your laptop. The first generation of hotspot locators looked like little fobs that you could clip onto a key ring. When youContinue Reading

New Wi-Fi Finders Work Well

Wi-Fi signal detectors should let you track down a wireless signal before booting up your notebook and wasting power. Unfortunately, early versions of the devices didn’t work very well. I tested three new devices and found them dramatically more useful than previous products. Via []Continue Reading

Stalking The Wild Wi-Fi Network

With San Francisco’s world-famous Lombard Street — the so-called curviest street in the world — a block away and Alcatraz resplendent in the glow of a late afternoon sun, it was only natural that one of the nearest available Wi-Fi networks was named “Rice-a-Roni.” Via []Continue Reading

Tools Of The Trade: 3Com’s OfficeConnect Wireless Travel Router

Broadband internet connections are now common in hotels and conference centres. But they aren’t necessarily secure, and nor are they easy to share between computers. Some venues will set up a local network for meetings and events, but not all. And those that do often charge a handsome fee. Via []Continue Reading

First Look: NEC’s Slick Wi-Fi Projector

NEC’s LT265 wireless-ready digital DLP projector has a smooth, egg-shell-white veneer that immediately makes it an attention-getter. I found much to like about this unit, but also a few drawbacks–including an overly complex wireless setup. Via []Continue Reading

Getting A Leg Up On 802.11n

Just when you thought you’d mastered the alphabet soup of wireless networking, along comes 802.11n. Or, more precisely, pre-802.11n. Even though there is no agreed-upon industry standard yet, that isn’t stopping some companies from rolling out their visions of what an 802.11n product should be. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Toys Goes To Extremes

Wi-Fi Toys written by Mike Outmesguine and published by Wiley under their “ExtremeTech” label, starts off with basic wireless tinkering skills, such as how to make antenna cables, and quickly moves into around cool hardware projects such as building a directional Wi-Fi “cantenna” out of a coffee can, modifying your access point for better signalContinue Reading

Concord Camera Demos WiFi Technology

Concord Camera Corp. will demonstrate its clever new wireless image transfer technology for digital cameras called WIT at Photokina next week in Cologne, Germany. Via []Continue Reading

SanDisk 256MB + Wi-Fi SD I/O Wireless LAN Card

If you own a PDA with an Secure Digital (SD) slot and you’re looking to add Wi-Fi to it, you’re probably aware of a few SD-based Wi-Fi adapters now available. Dedicating your SD slot for this purpose, however, relegates you to the mere 64MB of RAM internal to most PDAs. Most people that use aContinue Reading

ZyAir 802.11g Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter/AP

Have you ever been with a group of notebook-equipped people (say, co-workers perhaps) and found yourselves fighting over who was going to get the only available LAN port? As common as wireless networks are today, they’re still far from ubiquitous, and it’s entirely likely that say, in a conference room or hotel suite, a groupContinue Reading

Tools Of The Trade: WiFi Access Points

The first generation of wireless networking equipment was expensive, tricky to configure, slow, and not that reliable. But performance has improved and it is possible now to pick up basic equipment very cheaply. Via []Continue Reading

Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router: A First Look

Belkin’s Wireless Pre-N router offers enhanced range and throughput in advance of the upcoming 802.11n standard. However, it could be rendered obsolete when the specification is finally ratified. Via []Continue Reading

SMC Introduces Wi-Fi Traveller’s Kit

SMC Networks has announced its newest offering for business travelers and SOHO users, the EZ Connect g 2.4GHz 802.11g Wireless Traveler’s Kit (SMCWTK-G), which will be available later this month. Via []Continue Reading