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BellSouth Plans Significant WiMax Test With Alcatel

Bellsouth is starting to test mobile WiMax. Using thier licensed part of the 2.3Ghz spectrum and Alcatel equipment, Bellsouth is looking at mobile WiMax, but also fixed WiMax for areas that are not serviced by DSL connections. Costs and scarcity of spectrum are causing headaches for WiMax deployment in the US, where companies like SprintContinue Reading

BellSouth’s WiMax Offered As Broadband Backup

Bellsouth is offering WiMax as backup service for broadband customers as a value added addon service for regular broadband custoemrs. The system was implimented after hurricane Katrina flooded central offices and delayed restoring broadband service. Using WiMax as a backup is a very good niche for WiMax to be in, however if your buying serviceContinue Reading

BellSouth Launches Wireless Broadband Service

BellSouth announced on Monday that is now offering a wireless broadband service to customers in Athens, Ga. Via []Continue Reading