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City Near Lucrative Wi-Fi Deal At Airport

Air travelers who want to surf the Net at O’Hare and Midway airports will be able to pay $6.95 a day for the privilege under a long-stalled agreement that will make millions for a politically connected contractor. Via []Continue Reading

HP Running Metro Wi-Fi Nets

It probably caught some by surprise to see Hewlett-Packard (HP) listed as one of the two final candidates for system integrator of the Wireless Philadelphia project (the other contender is ISP EarthLink). After all, HP isn’t well known for installing and running metropolitan wireless networks, right? Via []Continue Reading

City-sponsored Wi-Fi’s Wild Ride

One of the greediest moves ever by big telephone companies appears — for the moment — to have run amok, if not backfired. Via []Continue Reading

Philadelphia Chooses Wireless Finalists

Groups led by EarthLink and HP have been selected as the finalists to deploy Philadelphia’s city-wide network, with city officials expecting deployment to begin this October. Via []Continue Reading

San Francisco Sees Economic Vitality In Citywide Wi-Fi

While lawmakers in some parts of the country are fighting to ban free wireless broadband access, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is looking at it as a potential tool for fixing community problems. Via []Continue Reading

Cities Join Intel’s Wi-Fi Program

Intel and several corporate partners launched a program on Thursday aimed at helping cities use wireless networks to better serve their citizens–and perhaps make a little cash on the side. Via []Continue Reading

San Francisco Moves Forward On Wi-Fi Plan

The city of San Francisco wants ideas for making the entire 49-square mile city a free — or at least cheap — Wi-Fi zone. Via []Continue Reading

Wide Area Wi-Fi Tested In Michigan Towns

In another demonstration of Wi-Fi for a wide area, the service is being rolled out in several hotspot demo areas in Kentwood and Grand Rapids, Mich. Via []Continue Reading

Qualcomm Co-Founder: No Tax Dollars For Wi-Fi

Municipalities should leave the task of building Wi-Fi networks in the private sector’s hands, the co-founder of Qualcomm said Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Philly Wi-Fi Finalists Named

The consortium putting together a plan for a city-wide Wi-Fi network in Philadelphia has named three finalists in the race for the contract. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Installation Covers Entire Native American Reservation

One demonstration convinced the Coeur d’Alene tribe to install broadband Internet access throughout its reservation in Idaho. Via []Continue Reading

Iowa Non-Profit Organization To Offer Free Wi-Fi

A non-profit group aimed at community development will oversee development of a three-city wireless network. Via []Continue Reading

Local WiFi Plan Turning Into A Federal Case

You turn the tap, and water comes out. Thank heaven; we can’t live without the stuff. Digital bandwidth’s getting to be just about as vital. So why shouldn’t a local government — Boston’s for instance — provide all of its citizens with good Internet service at low prices? Via []Continue Reading

Bill Aims To Support City-Run Wi-Fi Networks

City-run broadband networks like Philadelphia’s Wi-Fi scheme would get the green light under a bipartisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate on Thursday. Via []Continue Reading

Muni Wi-Fi Aims To Close Digital Divide

Private enterprise broadband providers ignoring the growing digital divide should expect competition from local municipalities. That’s the role of local governments, says one of the nation’s leading proponents of municipal Wi-Fi. Via []Continue Reading