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Orlando Axes Free Muni Wi-Fi

The city of Orlando in Florida has pulled the plug on the city’s free Wi-Fi service. Although the city has a population of over 1.8m, only around 27 people a day were using the service, which was costing the district $1,800 a month. Via []Continue Reading

Congressman Proposes National Muni-Wi-Fi Ban

On May 25, 2005, U.S. Representative Pete Sessions (R-Texas) proposed HR 2726, called the “Preserving Innovation in Telecom Act of 2005.” This bill would “prohibit municipal governments from offering telecommunications, information, or cable services except to remedy market failures by private enterprise to provide such services.” Via []Continue Reading

Free Taiwan Wi-Fi System Is Super Duper

We wrote about the City of Taipei’s bold bid to provide free internet access to its citizens some months back. The good news is that it’s here. We’re here, and the network is spreading its tentacles. Via []Continue Reading

The Citywide Wi-Fi Reality Check

Philadelphia is venturing into the Wi-Fi frontier and liking what it sees. The big question is, will it feel the same way two years from now? Via []Continue Reading

Public Wireless Access Launched In San Francisco, Las Vegas

Wireless Internet access got a little easier in two Western U.S. cities with separate announcements this week. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon: Out With Wi-Fi, In With EV-DO

Decision to decommission free hot spots could be a sign that demand for public Wi-Fi is limited, some say. Via []Continue Reading

Dishnet Aims For India-wide WiFi Coverage In 2 Yrs

India’s Dishnet Wireless Ltd. said on Wednesday it aims to dominate the nascent WiFi mobile Internet market by rolling out nationwide service in two years. Via []Continue Reading

Local Officials Sound Off On Municipal Wireless

A group of local government officials gathered in Philadelphia this week to discuss strategies for deploying their own citywide broadband wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Still Tethered, Boston Schedules Wi-Fi Summit

Boston is finally taking a long, hard look at bringing the wireless service across the city, and has scheduled a Wi-Fi Summit for May 19. Via []Continue Reading

Verizon Pulling Plug On Free Wi-Fi

Verizon Communications Inc. is turning off the free wireless Internet access it beams from New York City telephone booths for DSL subscribers who use laptops away from home or the office. Via []Continue Reading

Municipal Wireless Networks Generating Controversy

InnerWireless spokesman Tony Katsulos said that the “wireless clouds that are being discussed for Philadelphia, Minneapolis and other cities will not only be very difficult to implement, but they won’t provide in-building coverage, for the same reason that cell phone signals can’t penetrate buildings.” Via []Continue Reading

Mpls. Wi-Fi Plan To Face Static

Minneapolis has drawn plenty of attention from its announcement last week that it was seeking partners to create a citywide wireless Internet system for its residents and businesses. Via []Continue Reading

London Gets A Mile Of Free Wi-Fi

Good news for wireless users in Islington – they can now get free wireless Internet access. But will commercial hot spot operators be pleased? Via []Continue Reading

Texas Moves Against Public Wi-Fi Porn

An illuminating posting on Slashdot today reveals that Texas is moving to prevent the dissemination of net porn via public Wi-Fi networks. The act “relating to prohibiting wireless Internet access to obscene materials on public property” declares: “A state agency that provides wireless Internet access on state property may not allow access to obscene materialsContinue Reading

Pushing Metro Wi-Fi Past The Basics

Sure, we know you can plug it in. But what can you make it do? Via []Continue Reading