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Taipei Becomes Wireless City, Offering Residents Access To Internet Anywhere In City

Taipei, according to its mayor Ma Ying-jeou, is now a wireless city. Over the last two years, city officials have installed around 4,000 access points in several buildings to allow anyone to connect to the Internet anywhere in the area for a fee. Residents need to pay 400 New Taiwan dollars or about 12 USContinue Reading

Hospital Puts Wireless At Heart Of Tech Plans

The Royal Hospitals Trust is planning to add 200 more access points to its wireless network, which currently houses 400 of these devices, as part of its plan to open a new digital imaging center. The trust — a hospital network comprising the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, the Royal Jubilee Maternity Service, theContinue Reading

Springfield Eyes Citywide Wi-Fi

Springfield Mass. is investigating wireless for the city. The spent $30,000 for the three month study to find out if such a network is fiesable. They hope to provide it as an amenity to attract entrepreneurs. Via []Continue Reading

Free Wi-Fi – At A Price

Analysts expect a dip in sales and consolidation of small wireless providers with the proliferation of municipal and citywide Wi-Fi networks, which offer low-cost and even free Internet service. Dan Lowden, vice-president of marketing and business development at Wi-Fi access operator Wayport, dismissed the opinion, saying he does not see “any type of impact fromContinue Reading

Google Says It Doesn’t Plan Nationwide Wi-Fi Service

Google is not planning to provide US-wide WiFi service. It said around 300 contracts are open for competition but Google has not expressed its interest in any of them. It has put up $1 million to build a citywide network in Mountain View, the place Google calls home. As per its agreement with the city,Continue Reading

Tibetans To Teach Wi-Fi Know-How

The Tibetan Technology Center is set to host the Air Jaldi Summit for wireless community developers from around the globe. Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman, Wi-Fi pioneer Vic Hayes as well as representatives from Intel, Cisco and European wireless activists are expected to participate in the event, which will held in October. University ofContinue Reading

The Cloud Launches Its First Wi-Fi Hotzone

The Cloud launched it’s first wireless hotspot in Manchester. The company worked a content deal with the Manchester Evening News to provide free access to the papers site in exchange for advertising the pay for use portion of the service. The Cloud aims for 9 more hotspot installations. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Cloud Begins To Cover Manhattan

NuVisions is slowly covering Manhattan with wireless access. Thier technology provides interior WiFi to buildings, but also allows them to offer WiFi in the general vicinity of the building. As more properties get setup, the cloud gets bigger. The already have coverage in some key spots in the city and are looking at setting upContinue Reading

Philly Wi-Fi Project Gets CEO

Wireless Philadelphia has chosen a CEO for the non-profit to head up the effort to cover Philadelphia with wireless from Earthlink. Greg Goldman will oversee the installation, starting with a 15 sqare mile area and expanding out to 135 square miles covering the city. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi ‘Blogmobile’ Travels The Streets Of New York

For a week, New Yorkers were able to chat with celebrities like Billy Wagner of the New York Mets and Ms. Universe Zuleyka Rivera over the Internet through the Blogmobile, an oversized van that houses a dozen PCs and acted as a WiFi hotspot. The blogmobile used Telkonet NuVisions technology to enable connection among theContinue Reading

Lycos Launches Free Wi-Fi Search Tool

Lycos has created an online database to help people locate Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.K. The database includes details on more than 10,000 connections in 1,500 towns including free-to-access Wi-Fi points and fee-based hotspots provided by such companies like T-Mobile, The Cloud and BT. The downloadable tool also provides information on hotspots in Sweden, Spain,Continue Reading

In Search Of Google Wi-Fi

Google has blanketed Mountain View, Calfornia, the place it calls home, with WiFi using a mesh of nodes placed on the city’s lamp posts. A test of the network — access to which is not available to the public yet — showed that reliability, speed and ease of use do not match up with cellularContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Vs. The Terrorists

Anvil Technologies performed a demonstration of its Wi-Fi-supported emergency communications system at the Aldwych subway station in central London. The event took place a year after the London subway bombings, to which the response was considered generally efficient except for the difficulty of communication among the first responder groups. The Canadian wireless systems integrator workedContinue Reading

Boston Plans Citywide Wi-Fi

Like other U.S. cities, Boston is hoping to build a citywide Wi-Fi network. The goal is to reduce broadband fees in the area from around $35 to $15 per month. Pamela Reeve, former Lightbridge CEO and a member of Boston’s Wireless Task Force, is in charge of establishing a not-for-profit agency that will manage theContinue Reading

Three Finalists Picked For Valley Wi-Fi

The Wireless Silicon Valley Task Force has chosen MetroFi Inc., VeriLAN Event Services Inc. and Silicon Valley Metro Connect Team to go through the next round of negotiations concerning a plan to provide wireless Internet coverage in the area. Seth Fearey, chief operating officer of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network, which assisted in theContinue Reading