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IBM Stars In New Wi-Fi Karaoke Device

IBM has partnered with Xing to develop Kyoku-NAVI S and Kyoku-NAVI II, which are karaoke controllers with built-in WLAN. Users need to only use the machines’ touch screens to search a database hosting tens of thousands of songs, by singer, song title or category. Access to the catalogue is made possible by IBM DB2 Everyplace,Continue Reading

IBM-Cisco Group’s Bid Wins Valley Wi-Fi Contract

Silicon Valley has chosen MetroConnect, a coalition involving IBM Corp., Cisco Systems Inc. and wireless Internet firms Azulstar and SeaKay, to provide wireless Internet coverage to most of the area. Under the contract, the group will shoulder the costs of developing the massive hotspot spanning over 1,000 square miles of Silicon Valley. Joint Venture SiliconContinue Reading

IBM’s WPAN Chipset Aims To Replace High-Def Cables, Bluetooth

The breakthrough bipolar CMOS (BiCMOS) chip announced today by IBM at the International Solid State Circuits Conference may be exactly what the IEEE had in mind when it convened task force 802.15.3c in March of last year. But the chip that would make it possible for high-definition CE devices to stream content between each otherContinue Reading

IBM To Unveil 10-Times-Faster Wi-Fi Chip

IBM plans to announce today that it has created a prototype chip that can enable wireless networking at 10 times the speed of today’s standard WiFi chips. Via []Continue Reading

IBM Makes Fast Wireless Chips

Using silicon germanium technology allows a high level of integration in the chips, according to IBM. Antennas can be embedded directly into the chipset, helping to reduce system costs. For example, a silicon germanium-based chipset, including receiver, transmitter and two antennas, would occupy the area of a dime, IBM says. Via []Continue Reading

IBM Pushing Wireless Through Partnerships

IBM is advancing its wireless efforts through partnerships as it looks to sell software to cities, hospitals, colleges and big business. Via []Continue Reading