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Super-Fast Wi-Fi Moves A Step Closer

The three competing groups submitting proposals to the IEEE for the 802.11n next-generation Wi-Fi standard have agreed to work together to create a common and agreed standard. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Mesh Standard Proposal On Tap

The vendor group is presenting its would-be spec, which is compatible with Wi Fi, to the IEEE. Via []Continue Reading

Warp Speed For Wireless Networks

A slew of new technologies could make today’s Wi-Fi seem like dial-up. Competition among the newcomers, however, promises to be fierce. Via []Continue Reading

IT Giants Fight Wireless Patent

Microsoft, Dell, HP, Intel, Apple and Netgear look set for battle over a wireless patent. Via []Continue Reading

Stage Set For Compromise On IEEE High-Speed

The group’s job is to create a WLAN standard that will deliver actual throughput of more than 100M bit/sec. The higher, though still shared, bandwidth will rival that of many wired networks and support demanding applications, such as several video and audio streams at once, huge image files and simulations. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE To Amend Wireless LAN Standards

The IEEE has begun work on two amendments to the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless local area networks. Via []Continue Reading

First IEEE Compliant WiMax Chips Arrive

The emerging WiMax wireless wide area networking technology has received a boost with the arrival of the first integrated circuit to comply with the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE Approves Japanese Wi-Fi Spec

The IEEE has formally approved the 802.11j standard, which allows Wi-Fi’s 802.11a specification to be adjusted in order to bring it into line with Japanese spectrum licensing regulations. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE Groups Fight For Control Of Key Standards

This week’s IEEE summit highlighted the breakneck pace of change that is driving innovation in wireless, but also threatening to break its standards process apart. Political wars rage in areas like UltraWideBand and fast Wi-Fi, but more fundamental debates are taking place over how different specifications should coexist and which territory they should occupy. AsContinue Reading

Does 802.11i Solve Your WLAN Security Problems?

The IEEE has finally done what it should have done long ago: It ratified a workable security standard for 802.11 wireless LANs. Known as 802.11i, it’s a significant event for the wireless industry and provides momentum for what many expect to be a major ramp up of WLAN implementation in the enterprise. Via []Continue Reading

802.11n Will Triple Throughput Of WLan

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will begin sifting through a record number of proposals for a high-speed amendment to the 802.11 standard next week, but wireless chip makers are already jumping the gun with pre-standard products. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security Spec Ratified

As expected, the 802.11i standard was finalized Thursday, paving the way for improved security within wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE Set To Ratify 802.11i Standard

Members of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards board will meet on Thursday to vote on the final specification for 802.11i, an update to the current standard for Wi-Fi security, the chair of the IEEE 802.11 working group said Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Security Standard Nears Approval

Industry sources said the IEEE 802.11i specification could be ratified this Thursday, adding a needed layer of security to the Wi-Fi standard. Via []Continue Reading

Cisco Targets Cities With Wireless Offering

Cisco is offering networking equipment to enable wireless communications for entire cities. Potential users of its Metropolitan Mobile Network are city, state and federal agencies, including public-safety organizations, as well as transportation and public-works departments. Via []Continue Reading