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Next Stop For 1394: Wireless World

The 1394 Trade Association has approved a specification for the development of wireless FireWire applications, which will let 1394-enabled devices–both wired and unwired–to connect with each other. Via []Continue Reading

Make Room For Wireless Broadband

Spectrum changes that would make fast, cheap wireless broadband Internet service a reality can’t come fast enough. Via []Continue Reading

100Mbps Wi-Fi ‘Just Around The Corner’

The Wi-Fi Alliance has lifted the lid on its wireless roadmap and predicted that kit based on 802.11n will be in the shops by autumn next year. Via []Continue Reading

WiFi Standards Compete For Market Dominance

While networking vendors were a bit slow to support 802.11a products, consumer manufacturers were not. “Home entertainment devices from companies like Sony are coming out with integrated high-speed connections, and they were designed to work with 802.11a, not g,” said Michael Disabato, a senior analyst at the Burton Group. Via []Continue Reading

Vendor Group Aims To Boost Voice Over Wi-Fi

A group of suppliers led by SpectraLink is pushing the IEEE to set up a study group for a future voice over Wi-Fi standard. The companies were hopeful that their proposal would be adopted at the currently ongoing IEEE summit in Vancouver, Canada, though sources believe that is unlikely to happen. Via []Continue Reading

Will Pressure To Speed Up 802.11n Wreck Standards Process?

This week sees a major IEEE meeting in Vancouver, Canada, with high hopes that the standards body will accelerate progress on several of its key specifications. There is particular pressure to speed up the development of the 802.11n extension to Wi-Fi, which will support speeds of up to 108Mbps, since vendors are already pre-empting thisContinue Reading

802.16a Wireless Links The Last Mile

First-generation proprietary technology for broadband fixed wireless networks had lackluster non-line-of-sight performance, and the equipment was relatively expensive. Both of these drawbacks delayed widespread deployment of broadband wireless networks. However, the advent of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.16a standard for wireless metropolitan-area networks is likely to accelerate adoption. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom To Jump The Gun On 802.11n

An emerging IEEE standard that promises Fast Ethernet speeds for wireless LANs won’t likely be ratified before late 2005, but as with previous WLAN protocols, Broadcom Corp. is planning to jump the gun by releasing “prestandard” products. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE To Boost WLAN Throughput With New Standard

A new wireless local area network standard is being developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers—the 802.11n protocol. According to the standards body, the new 802.11n protocol will raise the effective throughput for wireless LAN to at least 100 megabits per second, three times the existing speed of 30 Mbps. Via []Continue Reading

802.11g Approved, 802.11n Is Next In Line

The 54Mbps 802.11g wireless networking standard has been approved and proposals for a much faster standard – 802.11n – have been put on the table. Via []Continue Reading

Moving Towards Ultra-Wideband (One Chip At A Time)

Royal Philips Electronics and General Atomics (GA) Monday said they will work together to jointly develop Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication chipsets and support the standardization process. Via []Continue Reading

Faster Wi-Fi Standard Gets Nod

A new wireless standard five times faster than Wi-Fi got an important approval Monday. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Broadband In A Box

Non-line-of-sight wireless systems promise strong signals for high-speed Internet access. Via []Continue Reading

IEEE 802.16 For Broadband Wireless

In recent years there has been increasing interest shown in wireless technologies for subscriber access, as an alternative to traditional twisted-pair local loop. Via []Continue Reading

Beefing Up 802.11b Security

A draft of IEEE’s 802.11i spec to beef up security on 802.11 wireless networks was finalized January 21 and is now circulating within the engineering community for editing and subsequent approval, says Dennis Eaton, chair of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance. The first products to incorporate the technology should be available by summer, Eaton says.Continue Reading