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Intel Wi-Fi Solution To Support Cisco

The support gives companies added assurance that their Intel-based devices will interoperate with Cisco Wi-Fi access points. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Calls The Wi-Fi Shots

As they often do when they’re not happy with the way things are going, a collection of tech-heavy hitters led by Intel may be trying to take control of an important Wi-Fi standards process. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Leads Wi-Fi Chipmakers In New Forum

Intel, Broadcom, Marvel and Atheros have sidestepped the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ process to work on a draft of the new 802.11n standard, which the vendors plan to submit to the IEEE’s working group for consideration, sources say. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Sees WiMax Trials In Parts Of Asia End-2005

Intel Corp., the world’s largest microchip maker, said on Thursday it expected to implement trials of the emerging wireless broadband technology called “WiMax” in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines by year-end. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Eyes African Expansion, WiMax Launch

The world’s biggest chip maker, Intel, is expanding to Nigeria and Kenya to beef up its African business and hopes WiMax wireless technology will be launched commercially on the continent this year. Via []Continue Reading

Nortel Allies With Intel, Airspan For WiMAX

Nortel has linked with Intel and Airspan as part of its strategy to supply and develop products for both fixed and mobile WiMAX. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Action Could Delay Next-Gen Wi-Fi: Analysts

Intel is leading a small group of firms that want to write a “whole new proposal,” according to one industry watcher, which means the standard currently on the table could be delayed. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Pushes WIMax OK For Katrina Victims, Intel Supplies The Hardware

A group of wireless internet providers along with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management Agency, have decided to jointly work and install WiMax technology at an evacuation shelter and other locations recently devastated by Katrina hurricane. The joint exercise is an effort to expeditiously restore the communication network in the affected area.Continue Reading

Intel-Led Alliance Stirs Angst Over Wireless Spec’s Future

By working outside of the IEEE’s 802.11n next-generation task group, Intel has angered industry participants who accuse the Intel-led alliance of everything from co-opting the standards process to outright antitrust violations. Via []Continue Reading

Intel, Microsoft Vista Promise Wi-Fi Simple Config

A presentation by Intel’s Harsha Hegde and Microsoft’s Scott Manchester at the Developer Forum last week, promised better security in the future for wi-fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Intel And Cisco Partner On VoIP And Wi-Fi Access

The companies hope to create systems that are secure and easy to use for both home and business environments, executives say. Via []Continue Reading

Intel’s Path To Disruption

No technology conference would be complete without a flashy presentation of the future, preferably featuring a smiling family immersed in a world of limitless digital content available at their fingertips. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Preps ‘GPS For Wi-Fi’ Location Tech

Intel today demonstrated a location-detection system for Wi-Fi networks that it claims will provide far more accurate readings than traditional triangulation techniques. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Advances Faster Wireless USB Spec

Intel is pushing its wireless USB initiative to faster data transfer rates that enable fewer cables for peripherals like printers, scanners, digital cameras and storage devices. Via []Continue Reading

Intel, Cisco Fine-Tune Wireless Networking

Intel and Cisco Systems are linking their plans to improve the reliability of wireless computer networks and the quality of Internet voice communication. Via []Continue Reading